Who Am I?

Children of abandonment spend much of their life trying to figure out who they are by piecing together what matters. What truly matters in discovering who we are is different according to the person. It also depends on what has happened to that abandoned child and where they are in life. Abandoned children have many names, but…


Korean Son

Would I wish upon a Korean son? Only to have it turn and run. Accepting the American moon. The American me, a man too soon. How I miss you in the night. Your image fading from my sight. The right to have a mother’s love. I simply wasn’t good enough. -OM 44.1

Giving up hate

People often talk about giving up your hate. They make it sound so easy because for them it is easy. For others it is impossible. Our hatred keeps us warm and lets us know we are still alive, even though we have died a little inside. We died and then came back to life by…


Birth Mom

I have hated you for so long your name has become hate. I have blamed you for everything, even the things that haven’t happened yet. You thought your burden was done when you set me on the ground at two. Never. I add to your mental burden willingly and if I could do it faster…


Will I Ever Be Korean?

I was born in Pusan, South Korea. I am Korean. I have simply never felt Korean and that is the mark of an adoptee. We spend our lives searching for what we lost only to find out what we “lost” is a club for members only… and we are no longer a member. It creates…