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Ahn Jung He

I wonder sometimes if you are searching as well. Do you know I am alive? Do you remember when we held hands as children? Oddly I feel like I remember your hand late at night. Silly, I know, since I was but two years old when we were seperated. Did we know what was happening… Read More »

The Bastard Son

Everyone always says “there goes the bastard,” but they never ask “what he is thinking?” Who is he hating and does he hate at all are a given, but no one knows the heart like the carriage. So many voices and none alike. We may find commonality in this or that, but whimsical fantasies of… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 9

I ran from Korea. I ran as fast as the flight home took. Once I hit the ground in Memphis, I went home to my parents, jumped in my car, and started running some more. I fled as far East from Korea as I could, driving straight back to my apartment. Pretty insane actually, considering… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 8

We are on the train heading to Pusan. Rob’s mom and I are going alone, which is fine by me since the fewer witnesses for any potential emotional breakdowns the better. We do not talk much on the trip, I think Rob’s mom knew I was nervous so she left me to my thoughts. As… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 7

I can barely contain my excitement. This is apparent, because I have elevated myself to a “fully capable Korean,” and have decided that I should travel to Korea alone. Once there I am going to meet a friend from school who is going to take me to a bus to meet up with my best… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 6

It is Christmas of 2002 and I am at home in Memphis, TN. My mom is making some holiday cookies in the kitchen and I am sitting at the table contemplating whether or not man can even understand life (I obviously have no idea what I was thinking about at the time). Life has not… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 5

It is my second year in college. Depending on how you look at things or who you talk to, my life was going just fine. Depending on what you looked at and what you examined, I was the same person. Those that knew me knew that something was a bit off, those that were meeting… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 4

It is early in my 2001 school year. My plans of alcoholism have not gone well, mainly because I broke out with the worst case of acne in human history. I hadn’t had much dealings with these small boils from hell, but in the end they were a blessing and a curse. They were a… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 3

Seoul never sleeps. It is still the Summer of 2000, but we are waiting to depart back home to the United States. I called my mom and she said a few of my friends wanted to meet me at our house after I arrived if that was ok. They were hesitant, the grape vine of… Read More »

My Adoption Story: Part 2

I am not sure how many posts this is going to take or how many shots of whiskey either. To be perfectly honest after I wrote “Depression and the Devil,” in my archives I did not plan to write on this topic again. But then I see the articles on the Russian to America adoptions… Read More »