The War on Adoption

There is a war going on that many people have no clue about. You would only know if you were part of certain social groups or on certain media platforms. Even though this war is not on the headlines of CNN or Fox News, it is a war nonetheless and it matters a great deal…

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16 Pages of Pain

I wrote sixteen pages of pain today. It felt like removing a scab again and again. I feel dirty all over my skin and the tension in my neck hurts. These are the side effects of writing your true self. One day I’d love to write a book for fun. Today I write the book…


Broken Son

Broken Son. Where do you run? Running from your kingdom come. Forgotten Son. Are you the one? The one misplaced by the sun. Searching Man. Search all you can. Figure out the master plan. Adopted child. Can I adopt myself? … Can I adopt myself… -OM 44.1