My other daily

Drip… drip… drip…

… for months my shower did that.

I even changed the shower head twice! Nope! Drip!

I got fed up and called a plumber yesterday to replace the rubber thing inside I googled about. I should have done it myself.

Keep in mind if you’ve been on this ride for awhile, I broke a toilet a while back trying to repair it…

The wife was not happy.

So I wanted to avoid all that.

So I paid $160…

That’s $100 for labor apparently.





I never understood why the knife was on the right and fork on the left when I can’t eat with my knife only and I’m right handed. I mean… I could eat with my knife only…

I even attended cotillion as a teen, but don’t remember the answer. Interesting.

-Opinionated Man


My Daily Denver

It’s been pretty cold here and that wind really cuts into your soul and makes it weep. So I figured out an indoor skating rink for them and this way the god of wind can’t hit me.

So ha ha ha on you god of wind…

We are really slow at buying tech for our home, but I’ll admit these echos are really handy. And having Alexa answer all the questions I once had to is amazingly awesome as well.

Go Alexa!

You answer them mundane questions!

On a personal note…

My feet are cold, but my socks are upstairs. I need a volunteer to go get them, Alexa said she can’t do it. Useless.