2017 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards VOTING OPEN @bloggersbash #BloggersBash

I think this is a great thing that happens annually in London. Lots of people are going from around the world and I’ve enjoyed watching it grow and gain traction.

This is not like those “Liebster/WordPress awards” that are used to help you network and meet new bloggers (you don’t actually win anything Gary… stop waiting for your award…)

This is a real event hosted by Sacha and her group!

Check it out! It is a great way to meet new bloggers and attend a real blogger “convention.”

And no… I won’t sit with you Gary. Stop asking! I won’t be there.


Visit the link below to see about the event. They aren’t paying me to promote it, I just think it is cool and I “know” a lot of the bloggers going.



Where are you from?

A lot of new people around and it is fun to find out where everyone is from. Share what you feel comfortable with. Planet works too!

I was born in Busan, South Korea. Received my Jedi training on the fifth star and now live and work in Denver. I hate snow.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



Two Fun Bloggers to Follow

I have been meaning to mention these two bloggers for a while now. These are two bloggers that are massively interactive, fun to talk to, and are just in general community spirits. Great bloggers to me start with a selfless nature and both of these blogs exude that nature from their posts, words, and deeds around the blogosphere. If you are looking for two more bloggers to add to your list and reader add Tienny and Thumbup. I think they make a great addition to any online community.

Thumbup – https://juststuffifoundontheinternet.wordpress.com/


Tienny The Storyteller – https://tienny.wordpress.com/