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Why I Don’t Promote Bloggers

1 – Promoting other bloggers through reblogs and pingbacks is an awesome way to network and grow your community.

2 – WordPress has a forever growing group of bloggers blogging on every topic you can think of. Promoting new bloggers and new topics helps to spread ideas and cultures around the blogosphere.

3 – When you actively network and help promote others your readership in turn benefits. You will see incoming traffic, views, and even more special are the comments that come from actively engaging other bloggers.

4 – Promoting other bloggers effectively can give you a small break from when you are out of blogging ideas. It may also help to inspire some ideas of your own!

5 – The Reader might look like a mess of advertisement and spammy posts, but if you sift through it you can find some great nuggets of inspiration! Personal bloggers are still out there and finding them helps them to find you!

6 – Believe it or not many bloggers don’t know how to find you or your posts. Promoting other bloggers can cause chain reactions that create waves of awareness your site may never have gotten. That’s a social media reaction from growing your own awareness through promotion. Don’t just rely on one wave or one push either. You have to continuously grow that awareness around your site or promotion doesn’t mean much.

Oh wait… these aren’t… oops…

-Opinionated Man

That time I was an asshole

We will all make mistakes when blogging. Some might ask “what is a blogging mistake?” I have tons of examples!

I remember I wrote a post on racism. Now many people might steer away from such topics… wusses. I love to poke the bear and what better topic as a third party Asian in a universal black and white war? Oh come on… that was a little funny.

So I’m getting comments that day and someone makes a comment about me being yellow. I went off. Like a yellow rocket…

It wasn’t till later that I got her joke was referencing another, previous comment I had made with another blogger. Obviously I wasn’t getting her context, but what was more amusing later on was realizing I missed the humor on a topic that I had started and bred.

We’ll do that all the time as humans. We love to be the victim and I definitely was only seeing what I wanted to see. Here you might ask if I apologized to her later on.

Um, no.

I don’t do online apologies to people and I tend to think you’ll live and move on. I’ve done a few apology posts for fun, but in truth I feel social media is a fair playing field. If you can’t handle adult topics go over there… way over there.

Anyways, that was a lesson I learned. Never read sentences backwards.


Subscriber Numbers

Subscriber numbers meaning nothing. Look at the comments and the interaction. That’s how you see the true pulse of a blog.

I’m mostly talking to myself. Hi self. ✋️




Blogging Me01

I think that you have to decide what you are doing when it comes to blogging. Like anything in life you can’t always focus on two activities at once. You have the act of producing posts and you have the networking aspect of blogging that requires you to find ways to get people to care you exist. You mold your blogging methods according to the platforms you are on and the rules they decide to employ at any given time. At some point you decide you want to “monetize” because everyone uses that word. If I had placed the word Monetize in my title I would have gotten 5,000 views from people looking for the next big secret… maybe I should go edit it.

I don’t use secrets or tricks when growing my blog. I simply network. I tried a few other platforms for boosting my numbers and the work never paid off. It was too much effort for what I could do easily here by just doing what I do. As a blogger I envision cutting out a corner of our shared virtual reality for myself. A little plot of nothing I can call home, I can call blog. I share my time between creating the content I desire, that I care about, and then getting people around me to care as well. This might require me to “care” about them first and in the beginning I did care. I cared the shit out of Gary’s broken toe nail and his stupid cat. I cared about his pink car getting wrecked and how no one liked his shoes at work the other day. One day I got tired of caring so much and found out you don’t have to care about it all… Gary isn’t even your wife! You can just care a little each day and in turn care more about your own stuff, focus on your own blog, and you’ll see more production.

What can I offer that no one else is offer? It is a monster question because it is THE question right? How are blogs different and how can I make mine stand out. I get the frustration and at the same time I roll my eyes at it. As old as blogging is people come up with new things every day. They start trends, they get people to care about blogging again, they find ways to form a community around an idea. No one has to be dying, no one necessarily needs a new kidney to get people to care… you have to care first and that is the step people miss.

How do you care? Uh, if you have to ask that it tells me you aren’t really in it for the work. You are in it for the prize. Everyone wants a platform where they can type out bullshit each day and people gobble it up with a spoon. But the problem is… that isn’t what a blog really is. Not unless you are famous and unless I am wanted for crimes in several countries I don’t know about, I am not famous at all. I’m not even average, I am just a guy that blogs. But I cared to get my stuff out there and I spent countless hours, hours I could have been sitting watching netflixs or sucking down peanutbutter ice cream.

I mean… I like ice cream.

Instead I was using my tablet, because I found that a mini tablet with the WordPress reader installed was so much faster to scroll through, using it to network every single day for three years. I was writing posts, current thoughts and thoughts I haven’t even thought about for years… spilling it out there to produce the content that made my blog personal.

You see your life is as unique as a blog needs to be. No one is living your day, thinking your thoughts, doing the same shit you do each week. No one is seeing exactly from your point of view and could possibly take that IPhone shot from where you stood because you stood there. You marked that spot and made that moment bloggable, worthy to be shared. That is the unique freedom that personal bloggers have that they often miss or overlook. I have been many types of bloggers to many people, but one thing I have always shared is my personal life. There is a Korean living in Colorado that blogs on WordPress, has a wife and two kids, 3 guinea pigs, and hates the fuck out of snow. You know this because he is a blogger and he decided to blog. He decided to share that information and he made people care to know it.

That is the power of blog to me and the only lesson you need before starting the steps to grow your blog. Those steps are never the same for any blogger, but the attitude and mindset, I think, for those of us that choose to really push our blogs… that mindset is one and the same. I’ve seen it in so many great bloggers I know on this platform. Annoyingly efficient networkers, tireless media pushers that never seem to sleep. They are the people I really talk to because they understand what we are doing here, how we are really blogging.

We are all here for our own reasons and goals, and yet isn’t it ironic that many bloggers still have the same complaints…

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



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