Blogging 101

I wish I’d stop writing these blogging posts as well. Thanks Gary, you can sit down now…

Everyone wants to know what the subscriber number means. This topic is constantly discussed because new people join all the time. If this conversation annoys you switch channels now. Go back to Real House Wives Gary

I’ll explain what mine means.

My blog says that 56,556 are subscribers to it. I’m a stand alone WordPress blog, meaning that number is all WordPress bloggers and doesn’t include other platforms. I love WordPress and WordPress (and the forum bunnies) love me back.

I don’t have 56,556 people that follow my blog. I know that for a fact because a few people are no longer with us and others move on. So how did I get that number if that many people don’t read my posts now?

Effort equals reward. I was working graveyard and had ten hours a night to talk to people from all over the world that were still awake for two years straight. Oddly many of you in the states were still awake as well… do any of you sleep? I was talking to people in India a ton in 2013 and even some middle eastern countries which I’ll admit made me wonder whether I was on some type of list. You can’t blame me for any riots, rebellions, or Springs… World.

I just don’t have the time or energy anymore and it shows in your connections and your reader. How many blogs you can visit and how many posts you can read… I honestly can’t do much of that right now. I don’t visit new bloggers joining WordPress this minute and I once tried to be the first.

I spent 4 years using the reader and tags to find people.

I connected with over 262,999 blogs and from those 55,000 or so connected back. In the grand scale of things those numbers are minuscule to how many blogs there are, how many bloggers are actively out there, and the large platforms that are endorsed and writing daily for the world. I’m a small time blogger, but I enjoy my space.

That’s how easy networking is and these new bloggers have even more platforms to push posts and views to a site to sell your product, book, or make money of views. So to answer the emails, yes it can be done. Do you have the time and energy?

I keep posting because I worked for the platform. It really is that simple. Ask Danny. I have regular readers, just not tens of thousands. There’s Linda, Helga, Bobby, Jimmy, Tom Tom, and Pep to name a couple.

Ok some of those names are made up. I’m so lonely now…

Mostly I have visitors and I still get a lot of those due to exposure. But you work for that as well.

And that is blogging 101 on the subscriber number. Mail your checks to me for the lesson.

-Opinionated Man


Disable Email Notification

I share a lot of posts and I post a ton. It sends lots of email traffic out that annoys people like Gary. You can disable email notification from a specific blog in a couple of ways, but the easiest way to do it is from the email itself. Click at the bottom where it says unsubscribe from email or something like that. That link from WordPress takes you to where you can adjust the email settings from the WordPress dashboard. This allows you to stop getting massive amounts of emails from specific bloggers (e.g. HarsH ReaLiTy), but you’ll still get notices from those bloggers you like and show as subscribed to them.

I encourage everyone to unsubscribe from my blog.

Wait. I mean disable email notification…

Never mind…



Blogging – Can I Make You Click It?

“How do I make people click my posts, my images, my reblog, my book link, my… anything?”

This is the number one question asked by social media users and if you figure out the answer then you have a head start on the game! The problem of how to get people to actually click something, really physically place their mouse on it and press the left mouse clicker, that’s the mystery most people want to solve. I get asked this question repeatedly by authors, bloggers, and people trying to share things and wondering how to get people to care!

Starting with the platform first is always a good rule of thumb. Building a platform and getting people to care about what you care about is the trick. It doesn’t happen overnight and even after establishing yourself it is so hard to get people to click a secondary link… particularly if they’ve already clicked once or twice to land on your page. What would motivate them to click a third time to another site?

You have to provide a reason for wanting them to go there. For instance, I reblog a lot and when I do I will leave a small comment as to why I’m sharing the post. I think people also need to recognize the fact that there has to be some balance… I can’t sit here and ask everyone to care about every problem in the world. That’s overwhelming and quite frankly annoying!

People that constantly reblog all the time will see their readership wane and lose interest. If you mix it up you still have to work hard at creating the presentation of a mix, or you turn people off. There is no perfect formula for this. You have to feel it as you go.

Not everyone will click a link and you can’t force them to. That’s the most frustrating part isn’t it? If only we could, everyone would be a social media star then!

-Opinionated Man


I do what I can

I do what I can for bloggers that helped me to build this platform by talking back to me. I sometimes miss people and their comments and don’t connect back. It isn’t on purpose. I blame the robotic arms, actually the third and ninth arm, and I highly suspect the faulty wiring is Gary’s fault.

There was a time I would have killed for a reblog when I first started blogging in 2013. I saw blog posts with hundreds of comments on the reader and people sharing them, and I couldn’t figure out how they did it. I still can’t figure out how some did it…

I really try to balance this website and I know the email traffic from this blog is ridiculous. I’d disable that by the way. But I like to connect and I enjoy the networking aspect of blogging. It is fun to me and my WordPress app is my game on my phone. I don’t have angry birds anymore.

I comment and chat with people on the app as if I were texting people in real life. That’s why I use so many emoticons because I know they are highly professional and my iPhone has them… and they are fun 😆🤷‍♂️.

I don’t have a ton of friends because I’m a father, I work full time, I have family stuff, and I made a website with a bunch of needy bloggers on it. I’m kidding…

I honestly believe you get what you give and if you aren’t getting it, broaden your net. I am just one guy and I’m amazed how many times I’ll read bloggers pretty much blame a singular person for why their website isn’t popular. Like, it blows my mind and I’ve read it.

“Well Helga! You’d know if you had read journal entry #6279 from last May! Ugh! What kind of friend are you?”

Uh… a friend with a life. Crazy.

I do what I can. Just don’t burn yourself out bloggers. It is very easy to burnout in the blogosphere. We see candles go out daily.



You learn new things everyday. So I made my own “list” on twitter finally because I couldn’t separate the real tweets from the spam tweets. The adult advertisements are usually pretty clear…

So if you got a notice that I added you to a list that is why…

It isn’t a confessional group. Stop confessing things to all of us on Twitter Gary, we don’t care!! 😒


Twitter @smokendust

@smokendust is my twitter name. That’s why I write this over and over under my signature… is doesn’t have to do with smoking or drugs…

Reactive networking / Blogging

Blogging lesson for the day is on reactive networking.

You’ll often hear bloggers state what they dislike with blogging. They’ll complain about the driveby reader or someone who just presses “like” on their posts. These bloggers are so busy complaining about blogging that they miss the opportunity it is giving them.

Let’s take the dreaded “like” for example. I love it when people like my post. I love comments. I don’t look down on one and praise the other.

The problem is that most people want interaction without ever giving it first. That is very hard to obtain. I network reactively most days and don’t browse the new pool of bloggers as much.

What blog will I read today?

Why not some of the people that like my post since my WordPress App allows me to easily jump to their sites. More importantly, even though they may or may not have commented, I know these people are online. They’re doing stuff.

You take the data you have and you use it. You don’t take half the data and ignore the other half because you don’t think it benefits you. If you are truly trying to network and expand your platform, use the data you have from all directions. Comments means the blogger is either talkative or a reader in general. Someone that just likes your posts doesn’t mean they are a spammer or they are trying to trick you. It could mean they are a writer too and don’t comment much, but they read while waiting to pick their kids up from school or on their 15 minute break at work. Doesn’t give you much time to comment, but you can read and like a few posts.

Be careful not to fall into this dark hole some bloggers get into where they are skeptical of everything everyone else is doing. Sometimes things are just as simple as they appear and in the end you gotta do you.

So why not visit a few people today that just leave likes. Interact back and a bit further than them and see where it takes you. Networking is a push of many fronts, not just one.