Five Years of HarsH ReaLiTy



Well I guess it is that time again. I’m going to renew the site one more time and see where we go from there.

I just can’t bring myself to let go and it become some online pine cone store. For the guy in the back that just thought… ‘what the fuck is an online pine cone store???’ Man… you just ain’t been living.

A blog is not a single post. A single post can get you famous of course… fame is such a loose term these days, but it can definitely accomplish that for normally the wrong reasons. A true blog paints a whole picture of what a blogger is or is becoming, or it should if a blogger is honest. Most bloggers aren’t.

I find it to be fun to own a website, in general, and call it your own. That’s what this blog is. Most people don’t think that is a big deal and that’s cool, they can have their opinion. Over there. The reason I still putter along over here is because a website never dies.

It only becomes an online pine cone store if you don’t pay the $150 to reup.

Let’s see what 2019 brings.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man


ZvT SC Gosu




The Truth about Blogging

“You have so many subscribers but I never see many comments or likes. How’d you get your follower count so high?”

What didn’t I do?

I got my first 4,000 subscribers by telling them I knew the secret to blogging. They told their friends and now everyone is waiting for that secret. I’ve been claiming I’m going to reveal it for some time now. It does wonders for your views because “they” keep coming back expecting to see the secret of blogging!

The next 4,000 followers came when I revealed my new religion. Creating a new religion is easy online and people are willing to follow anything.

10,000 followers came from my YouTube videos. I have an amazing singing voice and I can’t help people think my dancing is amazeballs.

I wrote an ebook once. It was actually just my posts compiled as a book because I’m a lazy tard. I got 12.5 new readers from that move, but me thinks they may not really be readers.

1,000,000 views came from simply withholding my name for a couple years and promising it was going to be spectacular when I revealed it. It wasn’t. My name is Jason Chandler Cushman. Feel the amazement? … Well that’s probably why no one kept following after that.

I went self hosted and all three readers I currently have followed me. I ported over my subscribers to the self hosted site and then changed my mind and came back here. Then I changed my mind and went back to self hosted… then was again like ‘eh’ and came back. Now everyone probably thinks this site is written by my not as famous uncle Fred who really just wants to make paper airplanes.

What are we at? Like 22,000? The rest came from advertising that I’ll do personal favors I never did. If you make it exciting… people get excited. And they follow you around until they realize you are just a tease.

That about covers it. If you are ever curious why my subscriber count is so high and the comments/likes so low that’s why. I should have followed through on some of those personal favors.




Dear WordPressers

Enable my gravatar…

When you make me look like this below… (edited with iphone photo)

It makes me angry.

Stop making me angry.

Go to admin settings and enable my lovely logo.




Blogging tip 104.5

I find people all the time because they want me to find them.

They tag their posts Harsh Reality or Opinionated Man, I see it and respond.

Tags are powerful tools if you use them right. I can’t respond to everyone, but I do try. Use the tools that WordPress provides for free to grow your blog and get your posts out there.

Own your blog tag or create a tag you “monopolize.”



Blogging – Battling Doubt

I spent a week away from my blog… well technically that is a lie. I am never “away” from my website, but I did force myself not to post. I spent a ton of time reading blogs and blogger thoughts. Of course after a week of doing that I have a few things to say to anyone that wishes to listen.

I get so tired of reading post after post of negativity about blogging. It isn’t the median either that is being attacked, it is the idea of success. Now I am no salesman and this is not a pitch to get you to buy my ebook if one existed (by the way buy my ebook). I honestly get annoyed as shit when I read bloggers writing about how “there are so many blogs out there that it is impossible to be noticed.” It is indeed impossible to be noticed with such a crappy attitude. The same people probably “expect” every follower of theirs to read every post they publish. It doesn’t work that way people and I repeat this often.

I view my website as a success because I have met my goals for it. MY GOALS, that is the key phrase here because I do not enslave myself to other people’s visions of success. For every person that spreads doubt and tries to tell you that your blog will never be successful ask yourself this, what has that person ever done in their life? Are they Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg? If not tell those people to shut the fuck up! Literally look them in the eye and say “you don’t have a damn clue what you are talking about. Shut the fuck up!”

I am not the most knowledgeable blogger by far, but I own what I know. I believe in what I do or I wouldn’t be wasting my damn time. Do any of you have any clue how many people have told me my blog is a waste of time? That the views and subscriber number mean jack shit. Even when I hit my goal of a million views through hard ass work I was told “so what? What have you achieved?” You see there are three types of people in this world to me. The “doubters” that feel their purpose in life is to shatter dreams of others. Then you have the “dreamers” that dream up amazing shit that never actually happens because of one reason or another. Lastly you have the “doers” and guess what we doers do? We fucking do.

What type of person will you be?

-Opinionated Man