The Quiet Descent to Tender Ground

Check out Alexis Rose and give her posts a read! Also check out her book Untangled!
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Eight years, 2 months of muscle straining, oxygen deprived, mind exploding, grief-laden work to manage the grip of the skeleton hands of the past.

The rocky terrain and deep crevasses that held the traps of programmed words ready to pull me down into oblivion.

Deafening winds, echoes of the past knocking me down, pushing me sideways, making it hard to grip the rope. The storm passes, allowing rest in the snow caves of acceptance.

So many times, wanting to give up, give in to the beast of symptoms. But trusting, knowing, that my Sherpa would guide me through the sharpest peaks and deepest valleys.

Summiting many times, thinking there were no more hidden mountains. Then catching glimpse of the last, gnarly climb looming just around the bend. Everything inside me screams, “No, leave it,” but I realize that climbing all but that last steep incline would leave me stuck, and…

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Where The Magic Happens

Where does the magic happen for you?
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Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Top crime writer Don Massenzio is currently hosting a series about where writers weave their yarns and construct their chronicles and has kindly asked me to throw my hat in the ring (not literally, hats should be handled with the utmost of care) and share my little writerly space.


I mostly write here, in my bedroom. It’s a large, airy space with the added bonus of having my bed nearby in case I fancy a bit of a snooze halfway through. This is my desk – nothing special, but with enough room for my laptop and notes and, of course, my favourite mug for the endless cups of tea that are essential to the creative process. There are a few special things there too, beloved photographs and my little box of treasured things.

20170405_195821-1    20170405_195725-1  20170405_195805-1

On the left is a picture of me and dearest Mumsie, an endlessly tolerant and…

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Quark Cake by Janne

Look at that amazing presentation and plate work! Anyone else getting hungry yet??? -OM
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Estonian Cuisine. Eesti Toit.

dsc01477 Quark Cake by Janne

Impossible to write Estonian food blog without quark.
You can buy quark from shop, but this is very easy to do by yourself.
If you have children, call them to join. To make quark is fun process and lesson about chemistry, cooking, health and fermentation 🙂
Quark recipe you can find here.

Estonian quark is made from skimmed milk and mesophilic starter. This is fat-free and mesophilic means, that quark is fermented on the low temperature. And if quark ready, bake delicious quark- cake.

Soundtrack Liisi Koikson ja Marko Matvere “Tuulevaiksel ööl “

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Banchan – Korean side dishes (part 2 of 2)

This is one of my favorite WordPress food bloggers! -OM
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My banchan dinner!

In my previous post I wrote about banchan, aka Korean side dishes and shared some photos made at the Korean supermarkets (I shop at both H Mart and Korea foods @ New Malden, UK) of shelves full of banchan.

Today I want to blog about some of the banchan I actually bought during my supermarket trip. Most of these have already been eaten by the time this blog post gets posted, my meals in the last week mainly consisted of rice and banchan like the one above! Not that I’m complaining of course… 😛

Firstly the most important ones: Kimchi! It would be very unusual not to have any kimchi included in the banchan, it is such a Korean staple dish and a Korean meal without kimchi would just feel incomplete. The kimchi in the photos below are matt kimchi (sliced kimchi) and cucumber kimchi. Cucumber kimchi…

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New Featured Blog Header for March 2017

An awesome way of spreading good feelings! Nice intro post! -OM
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Before Sundown

by Cheryl Pennington


Cheryl Pennington is multi-talented, a well trained and seasoned Ophthalmic technician in the field of Ophthalmology, an imaginative artist who paints, sketches and makes jewelry, a creative writer, an energetic cook/baker, and a prolific photographer. She has a deep desire to connect with others creatively. Her goal is to live life fully in the present moment. She believes the present is the only one which truly exists.

Cheryl started blogging in 2012

“to honor my passion for photography and share precious moments from the paradise home we enjoyed for 8 months in Costa Rica.“

She’s born under the Cancer astrological sign; ethereal, obstinate, hopeful, romantic, dependable, loyal and steadfast. Not a lover of change. Her husband, a Virgo, quite the opposite, “a wanderer, dreamer, and seeker of adventure and change.” Hence her 8 month adventure living in Costa Rica.

When she photographed the last…

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The City of Lanterns – Hoi An – Part 1

What a great idea for a blog and a late congrats on getting married! Safe travels and happy blogging from Vietnam! Love the photos! -OM
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Life Followed

From Hanoi to Hoi An

[EN/PL] On Sunday afternoon we took a plane from Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport heading to Da Nang, Central Vietnam with Vietnam Airlines. Last week we’ve made an attempt to buy plane tickets on our own, but as planes to Da Nang take off at least once per hour, we had a lot of trouble with looking for affordable tickets on days that we were interested in. With help of the hotel staff in Hanoi we’ve managed to buy tickets at a real good price – 45 USD per person (luggage included).


After one hour of flight we’ve reached Da Nang. Right behind the exit from the arrivals hall, a driver sent by our homestay in Hoi An has been waiting. Minutes later we were on our way to the City of Lanterns, which is apx. 40 km southeast of Da Nang. Moments…

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