Los Angeles

I’ve never been here before.

I really like this city!

I thought it was paradise until this happened over us…

I thought we were about to be in an episode of one of my two current shows, 9-1-1 or The Rookie. Shit was wild!

We did get to see the Hollywood sign so we can go ahead and cross that off the bucket list a few times. It was definitely worth seeing!

Universal was a blast as I’ve said. I saw a set from Westworld!!! And you know we had to see the Harry Potter world!

One of the coolest things was seeing the set from War of the Worlds though and I’ll leave you with that video below!

Today is Korea town and we want to see the Walk of Fame!

Hollywood here we come!




Universal Studios

Can you keep a secret?

My wife and I surprised the girls with a trip to LA to see BTS. If you aren’t aware, they are a huge K Pop group right now. Biggest ever.

We surprised them at 4 am for a flight out here and ended up going to universal studios today. That’s where we ended up on TV in the background below! Doesn’t that family look familiar?

I’ll share more and I’ll try to splice the video.

I think it’s cool.

I’m dorky sometimes. But hey, when will I ever be on TV? Never.

-Opinionated Man




Come sweet embrace.

Caressing face.

I tremble at your word.

Come faster pace.

No time for lace.

Our actions become a verb.

Whisper now.

Gently now.

Given sweet reward.

Emotional motion.

I am devotion.

There is nothing I want more.






We should not use tragedy as an opportunity to discuss differences. It should be an opportunity to bring us closer together and to show why we all care. Why we are all one, why true tragedy touches us all.

Conversations on why “this time was different from another” can be held by experts later on.

If we are still under the shadow of a tragic event… seek comfort in finding unity and not difference.

Tragedy is tragedy.

-Opinionated Man