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That time I killed

Remember that time I killed you? I got tired of you hanging around. You were always there, hovering… Always judging me it seemed. How dare you look down on me with your inflated sense of righteousness. And then I got tired of the struggle. I released my anger with the opening of a Winchester Blade… Read More »


I know people that read my blog have been waiting for me to say something profound on death and life. Honestly I have nothing inspiring to say today. All I am left with is a deep appreciation for family, love, and the blessing of knowing what love and family mean to me. They mean everything… Read More »


I can’t believe this Shoney’s is closed! Nooooooo!!!!

Daily Denver


Flying back to my childhood home, Jackson, Mississippi. Going “home” to bury my grandmother… my last grandparent that was living. I’ve had better weeks. Jason

Half a Piece

There is half a piece of bread by my bed. A half eaten decision made at about 11:45 last night. It reminds me of a thought, half a thought because I can’t remember the rest. It seems a shame that somewhere hanging still is half a sentence. Breaking in half a paragraph that may have… Read More »

A Silent Scream

In Afghanistan, a young soldier lies on the ground alone. His blood is seeping through his fingers as he tries to hold his life in for just a bit longer. His last thoughts are of his family, the love for his mother, and his loyalty to a country that has hated him since he got… Read More »


What do I remember about you? I remember a woman that was always happy. Always so polite and hospitable. I could instantly see where my mother got her manners from, manners she then passed on to her children. “Southern Hospitality” is more than just a phrase. It has deep meaning in the way we treat… Read More »

Blogging – Writing Shorts

I write shorts on this blog. There are three bloggers I follow that I consider examples of “purest bloggers.” They are Linda@, HW@, and Doobster@ (he is retired). I do not mean the term purest blogger in a derogatory way, in fact I consider it the ultimate compliment. These three bloggers write well… Read More »


His wings are clipped. They hold no air. Swaying like a strand of hair. A sad image, mixed with color and tears. The artist weeps but also fears. That the image might begin to fade. To save it… we become a slave. He is fallen but he does not fall. To falter in step expected,… Read More »