Empty Glass

I saw my life through the end of a glass. Through the dropping drops of forgotten thoughts. I dropped my gaze as I swirled my after thoughts. A mixture of acceptance and regret. A feeling of an empty glass at last. -OM 44.1 @smokendust



She weeps tears of joy and I watch as they sparkle like rain. We hold hands like it is the last time and she places her lips close to my ear. I hear her in my heart as she whispers what I thought. We smile and she smiles, I feel her smile. How tender is…


Setting sun

They say a setting sun is done. But what if my sun runs and runs. A day that is never done. A memory I can’t run from. Even though I’ve tried to die. And I have cried, yes I have cried. Still each new year I find I sigh. For a memory that will not…


Shade of the day

I see the world in color. My shades of the day paint the world in the color that I may. A bluish tint gives my eyes a mellow glint as I walk through the fire. A desire to let the world feel my anger, I wear my lens of red so I don’t leave a…



She begs me to write her clothes onto the floor. Each and every piece until her whole body has been explored. My pen unbuttons without a second thought. Scribbling towards what I want. Naked body meets naked mind. Feel your inhibitions unwind. Feel me like you feel my words. Smooth as hands upon your curves. Take…


Something simple

I could see the light in your eyes, As they dance before me through the days gone by. Your memory becomes a reel of my heart. I replay it like my favorite thought. You came and you went so fast. And I can still see you tremble at last. As we realized the time that…