54 thoughts on “Blogger Review – Sign Up

  1. I’m still trying to remember why I once threatened to threaten you about something, in my very sissy way… But I am thinking this is just the perfect opportunity!

    So, you better review my blog, you silly dude! Or else… Or else. Hmmm. I’ll hmmm. I’ll… I won’t tell you, so you don’t expect it when it comes your way, but it will be bad! Like… Really bad, and not fun and all… You know?

    And don’t serve me that “I’ll work my way down the list” line! Please? I mean, just don’t. No “please”.


    That’s my blog’s adress. Review it… Please. Sir.

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      • Review an orange dream while reviewing me (my site, silly). Orange dream: orange juice; sky vodka; orange pop to fizz – splash of pineapple juice or twist of lime– over ice—1/2 is spiked juice other pop… tastes like a creamsicle but non alcoholic ally! (Sneaks up – warning)


  2. Jason, yep, bad or good I’ve love to put my blog name in for a review. It’s not always as polished or pretty as others, but I’ve come along ways from having no followers and 9 posts in 2015. Still trying to stay in my niche but open to publishing stuff that interests me!



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  3. Jason I’d love to get reviewed by you. I’m still just stumbling along with my blogging. Doing what I can with the time and energy I have to spare. I’m sure there are lots of things I could be doing better, but I don’t know what exactly, or how. Appreciate any help.

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      • Thanks Jason. I can’t wait!
        I’m glad you’re enjoying the linked in posts. I just wrote on on the Jones Act the other day. Seems most people just think its about corporate welfare. No, it’s not really. Bottom line, it’s about national security. And CHEAP for what it does.


  4. Awwn 😊. It’ll be so awesome if I could get reviewed by you. I don’t know your standard parameters for giving one but I sure do hope I pass. If I don’t, just do it because we are friends. We are friends aren’t we?

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  5. Hi there Jason, It is funny I was thinking of asking you for a review… This is a site in the works… 🙂 but may as well jump on the chance early if it can be done … https://donnamaria.org/ I have another site but I am so grateful for the this one and do not want to take up your time… oh bty I am use to construtive critism…. go for it… blessings donna maria 🙂

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