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IMG_2520Someone said today
I should upgrade iOS
but no way,
it’s the world that’s due an upgrade
not my phone
I’m not even asking for anything difficult,
(Ok, I kind of am)
not demanding we get rid of all evil,
reality TV, most stupid people
political correctness
terrorism and fucking candles
victims cards should be abolished —
play the game properly
without constant tears and whining
if you can’t handle it
for fuck sake, don’t play
why make everybody miserable
every time you stumble
and blame, always blame
everyone but yourself
has nobody
got any sense of responsibility
don’t answer that, don’t tell me
I used to be filled to the brim
with feelings and empathy
these days my finger is on the trigger
of a metaphorical gun
I’m all out of patience
no I haven’t got a license
to carry
neither do the jihadists
come to…

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Blogging 101

I wish I’d stop writing these blogging posts as well. Thanks Gary, you can sit down now…

Everyone wants to know what the subscriber number means. This topic is constantly discussed because new people join all the time. If this conversation annoys you switch channels now. Go back to Real House Wives Gary

I’ll explain what mine means.

My blog says that 56,556 are subscribers to it. I’m a stand alone WordPress blog, meaning that number is all WordPress bloggers and doesn’t include other platforms. I love WordPress and WordPress (and the forum bunnies) love me back.

I don’t have 56,556 people that follow my blog. I know that for a fact because a few people are no longer with us and others move on. So how did I get that number if that many people don’t read my posts now?

Effort equals reward. I was working graveyard and had ten hours a night to talk to people from all over the world that were still awake for two years straight. Oddly many of you in the states were still awake as well… do any of you sleep? I was talking to people in India a ton in 2013 and even some middle eastern countries which I’ll admit made me wonder whether I was on some type of list. You can’t blame me for any riots, rebellions, or Springs… World.

I just don’t have the time or energy anymore and it shows in your connections and your reader. How many blogs you can visit and how many posts you can read… I honestly can’t do much of that right now. I don’t visit new bloggers joining WordPress this minute and I once tried to be the first.

I spent 4 years using the reader and tags to find people.

I connected with over 262,999 blogs and from those 55,000 or so connected back. In the grand scale of things those numbers are minuscule to how many blogs there are, how many bloggers are actively out there, and the large platforms that are endorsed and writing daily for the world. I’m a small time blogger, but I enjoy my space.

That’s how easy networking is and these new bloggers have even more platforms to push posts and views to a site to sell your product, book, or make money of views. So to answer the emails, yes it can be done. Do you have the time and energy?

I keep posting because I worked for the platform. It really is that simple. Ask Danny. I have regular readers, just not tens of thousands. There’s Linda, Helga, Bobby, Jimmy, Tom Tom, and Pep to name a couple.

Ok some of those names are made up. I’m so lonely now…

Mostly I have visitors and I still get a lot of those due to exposure. But you work for that as well.

And that is blogging 101 on the subscriber number. Mail your checks to me for the lesson.

-Opinionated Man



I looked beyond the need to see deep inside of me. To a place where I can be, I can finally see me.

How happy we are when we get past the shade. That line of shadow we see the world, our fears are on display.

Do we close our eyes or open wide, our thoughts and our minds. Do we go outside or climb inside, hiding from time.

I’ve reached a hand, a single hand, and grasped a ray of light. It is my lifeline, my only guide, as I walk without sight.





I’ve never been a huge fan of confession and a lot of that has to do with my upbringing. Growing up in the Orthodox Church you learn about confession and you are expected to participate in this sacrament. Particularly when your father is one of the priests of the church…

Confession today is a lot different than the church originally performed it. In the older than old days people would stand in front of the whole congregation and pretty much proclaim their sins to the world.

That’s some raw confession.

Count me out.

I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must have been particularly since I was brought up with the notion that “to think a sin is to do a sin.” I would have had a permanent spot on that stage.

It was a little bit uncomfortable for me as a child having my father as one of the church priests because I wasn’t ever certain how much they shared. “They” were still adults and adults were still the enemy in times of punishment and getting caught. They would continuous remind the children that confessions were between you and God and that the Priest simply represents “the church” and isn’t really The Priest at that time.

I get it, I truly do. I’ve been Orthodox since I was 3, so I understand why the church believes what it does.

I also understand what I believe now and I often find amusement when I catch myself chasing a random thought that leads me to my past.

I wonder what I’d confess today…