Strolling through a winter summer wonderland

I am ALL for a holiday without snow!!! 🙂
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Another Spectrum

For the 90% of the world’s population who live north of the equator, Christmas carols such as Jungle Bells and Strolling through a Winter Wonderland have some meaning, even if it doesn’t actually snow. At least in comes in the cold season. Like minorities everywhere, the 10% of us who live in the southern hemisphere are denied our rights: Our right to celebrate a seasonally appropriate festive season.

I say it’s time to take a stand! No more Christmas cards with snow and holy! No more songs about white Christmases! Down with them all.

Here’s something a little more appropriate:

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Night terror, my terror, why do you terrorize me?

Slaying, murdering, keeping – precious sleep from me.

Awakened with quickened pulse, still alive to fear.

I search around in the dark for the terrors near.

Sleep is gone and stays away, even though I call her name.

She hears me scream and knows my name, from the sound of nightly pain.