Public Apology

Early today I wrote a post in which I insinuated that men should dump women that have “creepy doll collections.” I’d like to apologize to a few of the creepy dolls I may have offended with this since removed post. Chuckie, Annabelle, and Walter I am truly sorry for my words and insensitive attitude when I decided to quickly post such an article without thought of your feelings. I didn’t think about what would happen Pinocchio if you grew up into a real boy and now had to carry the burden of the HarsH ReaLiTy that I thought you were creepy regardless of how human you became. Insensitive can’t even cover how careless my actions have been today. So I’ll just go ahead and get the apology over through the tears. I won’t edit this.

I apooogize to the academy. The intergalactic academy of women and the great staff there I’ve let down with my words. My tutor Ghavdkdioenehdje from the galaxy of Opinion. I let you down bud, but I promise next time I’ll be stronger. I’ll rise above and do the right thing.

To all the family members and mentors I’ve ever had. I hope you can forgive me. I’ll learn from this and hope that no creepy dolls try to kill me now.

-Opinionated Man

HarsH ReaLiTy 4.0

Angry: When did this website turn into the pansy site?

Goodness: We are trying to be a better person. Posting quality things and not antagonistic garbage.

Angry: … … Who The Fuck Are You??? Who the fuck is this? Where did he come from? Has he always been here?

Happiness: Oh that’s my cousin… I thought I told you guys I was going to invite him over… Doesn’t he just round out our merry little band here? I feel the love. Where is love?

Angry: Holy shit. Two of you. Fuck my life.

Drunk: This is why I drink. And I agree this blog has gone to shit.

Goodness: I brought my guitar!

Happiness: Goodie!!!

Goodness: Who wants to sing?

Angry: Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me…


After life

I love food.

God made food a necessity for man, but we can make that necessity enjoyable by eating good food whenever we can. I remember someone taking note once that they liked watching me eat because I looked like I really enjoyed my food. Comments like those are pretty creepy, but I get it. I love to eat.

I’m apprehensive about heaven and whether we will actually have a need to eat at all there. What if food is no longer a necessity? That sounds like a pretty dreadful afterlife.

“What are we doing today? Harp lessons! Again?!?

Fuck my after life!”

-Opinionated Man