Another year of HR

I personally don’t think the happiness engineers were very happy I renewed.

But I did.

Another year. Hope everyone had a great holiday!


16 thoughts on “Another year of HR

  1. 🙂 You have aroused my curiosity. Why is it that you think that the Happiness Engineers are not happy because you renewed your Premium Plan?

    The more people that renew their plans, is the more money that WordPress makes.

    Also, it is indeed a pleasure seeing your blog being around for so long.

    Have a fabulous 2021, my friend.

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  2. Holiday was really great, and an interesting experience. I drove down to Arizona to pick up my son, then we drove back. 7 states, all handling this “thing” differently. Very interesting, and quite an eye opener.

    Hope your Reality isn’t as Harsh this year as last (see how cleverly I worked Harsh Reality into it?).

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