~Meet and Greet~

I made these posts often in the past and they are a great way to find new blogs and active bloggers.

If you’d like to share a post and a link in the comments feel free.

Self promotion isn’t a bad thing!

-Opinionated Man

43 thoughts on “~Meet and Greet~

  1. I’d love to invite new bloggers and old-timers who come on back! My blog is sort of a mixed bag of posts and photos, and poetry, and commentary. So good to be here for a visit! Been too long. I have to blogs as you know. It is a totally enjoyable and entertaining read that I envision sharing in the book from across the planet in 2021.Retaining Walls

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  2. Hey there, OM! Always glad to see you post something… I miss the golden age of great Meet & Greet parties 🙂 What a fun way to find new bloggers.

    I’ve been blogging daily for a little over 5 years now (time really flies, it still feels like yesterday) and I host what I like to call a convenience-blog. A little of this, a little of that. Photography, fiction, humor, life stories, poetry… You name it, I have it. And everybody’s welcome in my Cove!


    Jason, I wish you and your family a happy holiday season, and all the best for 2021! Big hugs

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  3. Thanks so much for this invitation. I’ve enjoyed your poetry and other writings. Many of my postings at http://www.inthroughacolouredlens.wordpress.com are the columns I write for http://www.sharenews.com (“Canada’s largest ethnic newspaper”) — on page 6. My main focus these days is linking with the right publisher for my magical realism novella – titled “Toulla Laid Down Her Gun”. It is a totally enjoyable and entertaining read that I envision sharing in book form across the planet in 2021. Here’s the link for a preview of this novella inthroughacolouredlens.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/toulla-laid-down-her-gun-preview-2-2/

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  4. Hello everyone.

    I write poetry and prose-poetry, for the most part, though I do dabble in a little flash fiction and stories here and there. A good sci-fi horror never makes me fail to curl up in a warm blanket during the Holidays. ‘Tis the season and all. I also host, at times, writing challenges and story collaborations for writers to jump into, if they’d like. The current collaboration is a novel collaboration and it’s an island dystopia sci-fi, but it’s hard to label it with a certain genre for sure.

    Anyway, here is the link to my site: https://lucysworks.com/

    I hope you enjoy what you find. Thank you for this opportunity. ❤ ❤

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