Parenting – Safe Space

I had a talk with the girls today on what a safe space is. How our home is our safe space and sometimes we need to be cognizant of the struggles each other are going through to keep it that way. I explained how we will have days that are better than others and that we all need a place where we feel like we can escape everything bothering us – that is home. That is our safe space.

We have this mental image of children running to their rooms and slamming the door to find peace and quiet. I hope that door for my kids can be the front door and they’ll always find solace in all the rooms of my house. My family is by no means perfect, but that’s my personal goal when I refer to safe space and my kids.

The reason this came up is because my girls are unfortunately getting to the age where other kids tease people about liking a boy.


One of my daughters was then upset that the teasing kept happening at home from her sibling and she was contemplating whether the friendship was worth it. That’s where the safe space conversation came into play.

I remember my own childhood fairly well as is evident from some of my past posts. We all need a place we can escape from the jokes we get tired of, the annoying looks and everything that bothers us.

Do you have a safe space too?

-Opinionated Man


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