The Queen’s Gambit

Since ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer” there hasn’t been a great chess show or movie that really told the game. I’ve played my whole life and this show was inspiring to say the least. It shows the courage it takes to take the game away from people that think they own it (on many levels) and make it your own. What a great show by Netflix.


A basic rant

I get 72% of my paycheck every two weeks.

The other 28% disappears, an offering to the overlords and demigods that oversee things. I live in America, so I assume someone is getting a new golden toilet seat or some other trinket. And please no one leave a comment saying “well at least you get a paycheck.” If we let all the “buts” and “at least” statements keep us from a good rant there would be nothing to talk about.

Whenever I take the time to login to workday and actually look at the details of my pay it makes me mad. 72% and somehow the government doesn’t have enough money is what I always hear. Somehow my kids and possibly me won’t get social security even though it’s a basic fund for our citizenship that you can only withdraw from at a certain age, yet all tax paying brackets contribute to. So how does a well we should all be dropping water in and controlling who takes it out go dry? That’s basic math, it shouldn’t happen.

In a land of justice, you can still have a world of corruption and any country with a government will have that.

I imagine when you sit all day at your government job and see big digit figures that aren’t yours you become callous at some point. It’s the very reason bankers and investors get caught for fraud all the time. And in a corporation so big it is called the Federal Government, why not take a dime here or a quarter here or there when you know for a fact it’s impossible to track. Those dimes and quarters were so easy to take, why not a dollar now? Or a million… one time.

I get 72% of my paycheck and don’t see the benefit of the 28% because I’m feeding someone else’s greed. And it’s bullshit.

That’s my basic rant for the day.