Cobra Kai

I love this show!!!

It’s the best thing I’ve watched since GOT ended. I really like how they intermingled the real story line into this new one and made it work perfectly. It’s also really amusing hearing “the other guy’s” perspective on how it really went down. It’s so funny!

Kind of makes me think of this clip from How I Met Your Mother!

I am on season 2 now. There better be a season 3!

-Opinionated Man

9 thoughts on “Cobra Kai

  1. Honestly people… It sucks! I’ve tried several times & can’t get through season 1, it really, truly hurts to watch it.

    1.) It’s not realistic; the bully Daniel beat in the original movie, has taken that ONE lost as a TEEN with him his entire life & now he’s a dead-beat dad, out-of-work maintenance man, he doesn’t get along with his son’s mother (who btw goes from man-to-man)—so he’s essentially a nobody–all because he lost ONE match approx. 30yrs ago.

    2.) While the bully (yes, I forgot his name, so what) is living life as a bum, Daniel has the perfect life, successful (nothing wrong with that), wife, kids, big beautiful house & all of sudden his happy little life is turned upside down because a bully from his adolescence decides to reopen Cobra Kai, 30yrs later.

    3.) Ralph Macchio is out-of-shape, obviously hasn’t done any real martial arts training to prepare for reprising this role, OR, if he has…. it doesn’t show. They’re using the same moves from 30yrs ago, they’re walking around with these 1980s headbands, the bully stays up late night watching old 80s movies, still drives a car from the 80s, etc…

    4.) The writing is just horrible (FYI… I’m also a self-published author & former owner/editor of my own magazine, so I know a thing or two about writing), I can go on-and-on. And before anyone says it… NO, I’m not gonna watch the rest of it… Why?

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion & I respect everyone’s thoughts, so please don’t disrespect mine simply because they’re not the same as yours.

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