Decided a cleansing was needed. Stopped drinking for a day, gonna try and go for a week or longer.

Now before anyone asks, I’m not giving up drinking. What I’m giving up is this belly I’ve developed. You’d never realize how many calories are in a double scotch neat, but apparently the answer is a butt load. And no I’m not giving my collection away.

We bought an elliptical. Now I know I swore after the military I’d never exercise regularly again, something about people yelling at you to “move your ass” really kills the joy in running for fun. I love this elliptical though and it beats the hell out of running in 115 degree Arizona heat. Now I have no excuses!

It helps to jump in a pool right after too.


24 thoughts on “Cleansing

  1. You can do it! I went from daily to once a week to once a month. My reason for cutting down was that I was just fed up with having a fog to my days, though I still do kick back and enjoy it sometimes.

    Wishing you the best with your cleansing + weight loss journey!

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  2. We have a woman here who stopped eating a month ago as a protest against the city for something or other. I suspect she really hasn’t stopped eating, especially since she still looks like a female Homer Simpson. I hope your stopping drinking has better success.

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