A bit of a bit

Well I’m all moved.


It feels like I’ve been packing and unpacking for two years straight. We’ve finally settled into our new home in Cave Creek Arizona and I’m pretty happy to be in one place for awhile. The rental was beginning to become a headache and reminded me why I shouldn’t be renting at 39 anymore. I actually got in a shouting match with the landlord! Contrary to popular belief I’m not big on shouting. I’d rather just shoot die looks.

We love Cave Creek. It’s quiet, beautiful sunsets, and in two weeks I’ve only waved at one neighbor once.

Paradise to me!

Parts of it even feel like Colorado again like all the horses and ranches. It’s been hot as balls though and I’ve been running again which is torture in this heat. I like it though, no snow!!!

Got a new phone too! I’m so behind on tech which is really odd considering I’m an IT director, but I do love this new iPhone. Forgot my wordpress password and had to change it, I missed the virtual connection.


44 thoughts on “A bit of a bit

  1. Congrats for the new home. I hate moving with a passion (I think my family just moved one too many times when I was a child) so I do wish you many many happy years in this new place 😉 xx

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          • Hee hee! I still trying in on previous roommate’s margaritas box housewarming but he’s posterchild-ing adult :P. I’m trying my own self to negotiate the future and with a 2nd stimulus very possible as the first got chewed in bills, to be careful as it’s all the blow sorta money I get, I’m thinking I can’t oomph bikes much, I like that himilaya electro-thing… I’d glasses but I doubt I can afford the upcharge for traditional cost currently mine pretty much rise at 10%a year making them this year close to 1900/2000…not what we’ll get in stimulus…shh kid married gets more maybe…not the point…the point is chasing sunsets… I a boogie bike to get the mile from home not ruined Huffa puffa dastardly hooch flasked for brazilian jaguar milk tipples streamside… Cachaca….sorta rum….sweetened condensed milk …can….church-key….spice…nice!

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          • Hahahaha. I actually made some drinkable pink pepper (it’s like cinnamon, clove, ALLSPICE, a eugenol containing thing, and allspice is the classic merlot wine spice,) spiced dandylion “prison” (ice) wine. I can brew modestly. I far exeeded Mr grog too as I was in competition haha with Mr English cider country man…. He refused to clear his stuff (cloudy yeasty) and while he Clay’s now never gets it clear…trust me, I’m legally blind but I look, taste, smell kinda things…try! Jack Keller wines dandelion wine was my model if you too wish a go at prison lawn wine ;). (raisin wine on purpose and when grapes begin raising -thats very expensive “ice” wine in case your readers aren’t hip on their terminology wine snobbery– raisins because there’s no wine body otherwise…the glycerin legs or the spider-y clear things dripping after a swirl – wines have 3-4 versus spritz 20 or more beers too watery… But that raisins allow your dandelion delight to feel like real wine which it is.. glycerine n is like glycol in chemistry words and glucose meaning it very distinctly isn’t but “sweet” and thus the truth is, it’s glycerin content that offers us the hangover from being sweet sweeter etc more absorbable the sweeter thus the hangover…not sulphite content which just keeps color. .. just in case your readers are Illl informed)

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