Checks and balances

Life really isn’t about checks and balances, at least not to me. I view it more like an actual board game and sometimes the only move is to check and check and check till it’s a stalemate and you get some time to breath.

People often think being overly aggressive or always on the move is a bad thing. For many of us that incline to this nature it is more about not finding ourselves stagnant and comfortable. It’s when you get comfortable and think that nothing can touch you that the storm normally appears.

I’m finding that applies a lot to my current work life. It’s a forever game of catering to the idealism that I need to constantly prove what I’m worth. It’s a tiresome weave of doing and proving you are doing that really wears most people out. Some might say that’s corporate life, but I believe it’s really about how that corporation wishes you to live. You cannot thrive and grow in an environment where you are always wondering if you aren’t good enough. Eventually you lose the checks and balances mantra and start to only go one way or the other. Then it is either retreat or check, check, check till you are checked out.

One begins to wonder if it is worth it.

-Opinionated Man


7 thoughts on “Checks and balances

  1. Sounds awful..I work for a corporation. I opted for an easy position with no advancement. When I’m at work there’s no boss so I’m my own boss. My pay is crap not what it should be but for the freedom of no micro managing no KPI it’s worth it the few dollars per hour that I’m not paid. Sometimes it’s not the corporation but the boss!!! And the way they are heading. I only got the position because I negotiated. They needed me more than I needed them.

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  2. I’ve found it’s not always corporate life, sometimes it’s the little bastard that is your boss.

    My last one refused to let me move to a different advancement path because he would be stuck doing all the work that I did. I worked on the largest in-house system in the company, he and I were the only ones with the skillset to handle it, no one else wanted to learn it, so he decided as long as I was there, there was no need to train anyone else. Man, was he pissed when I have him 1 week notice for retirement.

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