Rehomed him… like a pet dog. After using this kid to make money on videos and then “it got to be too much so we gave him away.” WoW.

Some people deserve to go to hell.

Adoption isn’t a hobby you just decide one day you don’t want to do. And you run a YouTube channel trying to teach people about parenting and family values? I hope they lose all their monetary advertisements and have to get real jobs.

They should be ashamed. And “Rehomed” isn’t even a real word.

Makes me furious.

-Opinionated Man

22 thoughts on “BS

  1. I have heard of this type of things before. Years ago our youngest son had a friend who’s parents adopted a girl. After a year I bumped into the mother in a shop and asked how the children were fine she said and told me all about her two sons. I asked about the girl.. I was so shocked at her reply “Oh! it didn’t work out we sent her back” What the? I didn’t believe you could do that? I thought the adoption process was very strick. As far as I can see you get what you are given and work with it, you don’t give up because….”it didn’t work out.” I hope the girl thrived, and I hope the little boy you speak of does too.💜

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  2. Rehomed? That’s something you do with a pet, they’re disgusting. My wife and I did foster for a year and after, we did have to make alternative arrangements with social services because the child was stealing from everyone. But still, I would never call it rehoming.

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  3. Sigh I feel like we’ll soon need to arrange for people to have permits for things like having children under their care. It will sound stupid to the people who have enough common sense to raise a child, but it would keep morrons from ruining kids’ lives.

    Sometimes, humans just discourage me…

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  4. That poor child. As a dad to an autistic son, this is horrifying. What kind of assholes are these two?!? Special place in hell for them. Hope karma pays them a visit. And, by the way, how these morons make a living from YouTube videos?!? Who the fuck watches that shit? Mind blowing.

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      • I wish I could say actual parents are better, but the sad truth is that they aren’t. My eldest was disabled, he went to a local school that specialized in multi-disabled children (must be legally blind), some of whom were autistic. Since it was (for those too far to commute) a residential facility, all too many parents just dumped their kids, rarely visiting. Many of those who couldn’t participate in the residential program would dump their kids into a nearby residential facility as soon as they were old enough and an opening appeared.

        My wife and I would take groups out to the local MLB games to give them something to do other than stay in the school 24/7/365. People thought we were nuts when we asked permission to teach blind kids how to shoot archery, but it happened.

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        • That’s good stuff man. Caring for special needs kids I’m sure is super difficult and I can’t really speak on it.

          These people knowingly adopted though and knew what they were getting into, made money off this kid’s photos and “their journey” and then dumped him. And then asked people to like the video of their decision. Just made me so angry – I don’t have to know anymore. F these people, ugh! 😡

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