The worst part about my birthday is that I never know if it’s real.

When all you have is a note pinned to your clothes… or so they say… who can say what really happened on a day you’ll never remember no matter how hard you try.

Was it today? Was it yesterday? Is it another day?

I guess we’ll never know as we grow old. But somewhere along the way, during those nights of drinks and cigarette butts, we have to find a peace inside. A voice that says we are ok with not knowing our past and we can adopt the future instead.

That’s the life of an adoptee sometimes. And each birthday it never gets easier. As we grow older, it actually gets harder sometimes.



10 thoughts on “Me

  1. Not knowing our origins is always something hard, but the self should be defined as who we become, how we got to where we currently are right now, instead of our own, pasts histories, and origins, granted, knowing our origins can help us find out who we are, but we can’t, let our pasts, define us, into, who we are, meant to be in this life…

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  2. You could also decide to celebrate your magnificent self everyday❤️ AND moving forward you can rejuvenate, stay for as long as you like to discover everything… let the mystery’s open up❤️
    Happy birthday today whether it is or not… glad to have your around in this crazy world.
    On another matter for some reason people have began to go back to following my old blog🙃 I looked at the list and in the last five years many people have followed it, you included! So wondering if you would know why and if you don’t follow my new blog (5 years old) maybe you’d like to? Much love x Barbara x

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