Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is incredibly hard for me each year. As an adoptee, we try to find solace in what we have and not what we’ve lost. But it doesn’t matter if you are ten years old or forty, a part of you aches for the past you never knew. A past that was stolen from you as you were forced on a new path that might never have had to be.

We smile as we walk forward and read inspirational quotes about not looking back. We try to appreciate the glow and warmth of the sun on our face and not the coldness of our forgotten past on our back. For the abandoned, for the given away, for the sold, for those that know… it is never easy to remember the sun even when it is in front of your face.

I get the struggle.

I live it with a glass in my hand on this day. But we’ll be ok because we have to be, as it has always been.

We make our own path.



12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Teardrop. I’m sure your mother, if she could see you, would be proud of the man you are and would want you to know how much she loved you. I know I am making up a story in my head, but when I look at your pictures as a child I think she really cared for you. She would want you to be comforted. My mother’s heart, speaking.

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  2. Virtual elbow bumps from a fatherless child. Our kids are crazy about their father, and the feeling is mutual, and I soak that up, but none of it is for me, so it only goes so far. I’m getting up in age, and I’ve lost my mother to illness; it occurs to me sometimes that my father is probably dead now, anyway, but you know, that doesn’t really help. Oh, what the hell — HUGS.

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  3. Thanks for being willing to share your pain with us and for keeping it real. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say you help others express the inexpressible. Keep being human. Also, what is 44.1?

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