My youngest wants to be a fashion designer! She’s nine.

I’m teaching her some simple sewing lessons first and then we’ll move on to stitch.

-Opinionated Man


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  2. Skills! I love it! Teaching these little things that can turn into big dreams. I love when parents encourage and positively reinforce their childrens ambitions no matter how young they are


  3. My humble pro bono contribution to Corona Virus cabin fever!

    Yes,parents,teachers,children and yoots of all ages can homeschool with this fun to build cardboard Geodesic Dome!

    Practical applied Geometry collides with R. Buckminster Fuller!

    With 2 simple triangles- 1 isosceles and 1 equilateral build a complete indoor playhouse 3 feet in diameter!

    Another wild innovation from the Skunkwerks in Downtown Raleigh for stir crazy denizens of current public policy!

    For a limited time, while supplies last,distracted adults can receive a free set of templates to avoid messy calculations!



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  4. Great life skill to have. Whatever clothes she buys in the future and it does not fit well or look good, she can do the altering herself. Saves money on altering fees for sure. What you need to get for her is a sewing machine at some point.

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