I could watch the setting sun till the day was done. But would I watch the rising moon or find my exit too soon.

Could I let the passing hours into my heart or let it sour. Like an aging wine until inside I rewind.

I’d rest my right hand upon my heart and feel a tremble start to start. Finding a way into my soul past the anger and inner toll.

Can you see the rising light past the name it seems to fight. Moon or sun it comes around, a new day to be found.



21 thoughts on “Personal

  1. Nice. Nice. Nice. It reminded me of how much I missed the setting sun when I lived in the south. Where we were, there were so many trees and hills with trees, you never got to see a horizon or a sunset. That’s one of the things I frequently photographed when I first moved back to California. The only thing we can’t match here is the greatest, largest “harvest moon” . No moon has ever been so big as the one I saw in the south. It took up my entire line of sight as it was suspended over our little valley.

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