22 thoughts on “Devil went down to Georgia

  1. Firstly on topic, hahaha! Dad jokes! Love it.

    Secondly,. Off topic, I want your help. I’m gonna likely get the covid cash infusion. I would like to think it’s gonna like last but it won’t. So, my notions selfish are I must inflate my own circumstances some… But I’ve a late July birthday coming in family.

    In https://dreamtimestarmanjones.wordpress.com/2020/04/28/6592/. I list my idea towards brother in law. As a cash cost comparison between scotch of an okay premium kind his kid is 2.5 he can use ANY alcohol as jokes go but I’m being semi thoughtful as he’s like any nice jerk, responsible enough to largely NOT drink so he has a nicer life and enjoys those moments special. So, he took my mother – his mother in law in for covid quarantine…that’s pretty damn nice. I like my momma. His b-day is late July, about a month it’ll take to assble this stuff plus the month for cash to present itself in estimated reality. yOUR HELP is, do you see value in a seemingly sillier option of a tray of yummy peach cobbler from his army post home state a worthy budgetable may of a gift? Or should I be a thoughtless putz and buy a quart of decent scotch and call it a day? My logic is given as also the why…you’re a decent guy with a family so may weigh why I ask YOU…knowing your scotch love too even. So you may weigh in on thoughtful season when just a little grease may allow niceties…yet the budget must be kept. (His favorite is tequila btw… I mean I can … https://www.mensjournal.com/food-drink/the-best-new-mezcals-to-drink-neat-and-in-cocktails/. Find really good mezcals most of these actually if you’re curious into truly top shelf learning curve or my silly attempts at not being a total chump….this is that sad truth of all my aces actually…). Will you comment back/weigh in? Otherwise it’d be calling meeting that junk in covid times and trying to gauge what threat I am in real life when it’s far easier to keep it less so as to not be bothered. I mean you know I technically am in town.


  2. As an Arizona native, know that this first Arizona summer is going to be bad. But next year, after a full winter of decent weather and no snow, you’ll be good to go. Just know that paying your air conditioning repairman for a tune up at the beginning of each summer is money well spent.

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  3. ROTFLMAO! That’s cute. You think 102F is hot. Son, that’s called spring in AZ. When my son first moved to Tucson I drove down to help him move and setup. I flew back through Phoenix because it was a lot less expensive. Late Sept. it was cooling down, only 115F.

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