Book idea

I woke up this morning at 6 am with a book idea burning in my head. Couldn’t go back to sleep till I wrote down the outline and structured it out a bit. We’ll see if I can hack it through.

Synopsis: Gabe is a twelve year old foster child who never knew his mother. She died delivering him after a car wreck, but was able to at least breath out his name before she passed out and died. She named him Gabriel which he shortened to Gabe so the kids at school wouldn’t make fun of him for such a quirky name. Gabe’s best friend in the world is Caleb and they’ve grown up together knowing one another through the Orthodox Church Gabriel’s mom joined weeks before she died. They have the strongest friendship and are building a go kart together in their secret hideout that is their sanctuary from Gabe’s foster house full of kids and Caleb’s home of seven sisters where he feels like an afterthought. Their kart is almost finished but they need one last part, an expensive piece for the engine. While walking around one day, contemplating how they’ll ever come up with the money to buy the part in a small town where jobs for a couple of twelve year olds is sparse, they pass by the funeral home which is connected to the Orthodox Church in town. The old priest is outside working on the church garden and quickly strikes up a friendly conversation, eventually prying from them their ordeal and current dilemma. Through their talk they end up with Spring Break jobs at the funeral home that the old Priest runs as a part time job for the town folk that aren’t Orthodox to come and hold services and memorials for their dead. It seems to be the answer to their prayers until the only thing that can tear a plan apart between two boys enters the picture – the new girl in town. Gabe becomes infatuated with the girl and the dream shared by the best friends starts to take a backseat. The big day, the day they finally are able to buy the engine part to make their kart finally run, Gabe ends up also getting the courage to ask the girl on their first date. He’s day with her has his head in the clouds so much he completely forgets about completing the go kart and an angry, frustrated Caleb goes by himself to the hideout to finish it alone. After installing the final part and pouring the gasoline, Caleb flicks the switch hoping to see their creation take life and the engine explodes. Gabe doesn’t realize his best friend went without him and wonders where he is at the last day of school. He arrives at the funeral home for work and the old priest tells him the sad news. He explains that Caleb has died and has gone to heaven. The cycle of death and loss seems to resurface something in Gabe and he runs out of the funeral home in tears of sorrow. He wanders around the burned out remains of their old club and walks around till music draws him back to the church. He walks into the service being held for his friend and after talking with the priest ends up spending the night with the closed casket of his best friend. During the night he has a vision of his mother who visits him. She explains that his name is Gabriel because he is her angel and tells him of how she found God before she died. She lets him know Caleb has also found a place in heaven and a moment of rebirth and hope enters into Gabe’s heart. He walks out of the church and back into life feeling like he has found a purpose for living again.

It’s really rough and I’ve got to work on it, but at least I got the idea down in a word document before the ideas evaporated.

23 thoughts on “Book idea

  1. This story sounds like one where Gabe could to face the reality of death, or finds peace and closure despite its imminence. Maybe it’s about loss in general.

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  2. So far the premise seems workable, but where is it headed? Do you have any feel for how the story will end? When I wrote I was told that before you start a story you need to know where it will begin, where it will end, and how you envision the midpoint.

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