Happening now

Some things happening now.

I’m gaining weight. When we moved to Arizona we packed the scale, but I stood on my phone and I could have swore it said “help me!” I’m starting to look like a little Buddha.

My hair is really long. I look like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon and not in a good way. I need a haircut bad.

I tried to workout and I got worked. It’s tiring. I feel every year of my 39ish years. I’ve been trying to start to run again and it’s going OK. Since moving to Arizona I started smoking squares again and I’m feeling that too. I need to stop, but it’s not going to be easy. I gave up a lot to move here and I’m not sure how much more I can give.

I forgot how much work taking care of a pool is. I grew up as a teenager with a pool, my parents were fortunate and were able to eventually have a home with one. That pool had a vacuum that worked though… we named it Garth, actually my mom did after Garth Brooks. The vacuum here should be called bullshit because it doesn’t work. I bought a manual one and I’ve been pushing it around with arm muscle. I don’t have much arm muscle left…

I’m sure a lot of people are becoming stir crazy. I know we are. Canceled our trip to Cali in May to see BTS again. We’re sad, but it really puts things into perspective and makes you appreciate the trips you used to take without a second thought.

Found out my god father has the virus, he is a dentist. I also found out my father got tested today and he has a persistent cough. He’s a doctor and priest as most of you know. I’m sure he’ll be OK, if god can’t protect him we are all screwed. He’s the best man I know.

I pray for the physicians and those in healthcare. It’s true what they say. All this crap doesn’t mean much till it hits home.




22 thoughts on “Happening now

  1. Things would pan out clearly in the coming weeks. I wish, the United States had not taken this pandemic so lightly. The world needs leadership at these tough times, and China is surely not that leader. All the best to our blogger friends.

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  2. Yeah, you should definitely give up smoking (whatever squares are). If you’re concerned about weight, eliminate (or cut back) on the booze as well, I was amazed at the number of calories in alcohol (78 per ounce of whiskey).

    We were forced to give up our trip to Alaska, been planning it for two years now. Alaska instituted a 14-day quarantine for everyone entering the state, can’t afford staying there for 28 days for a 14-day trip, and the kids don’t have that much vacation time.

    Good luck, my friend, and stay safe.

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