In 2013 I had a lot of time on my hands.

I was in a graveyard shift and stuck at a computer for over twelve hours a day in the dead of the night. God wasn’t even up.

I created this blog out of boredom and never had any real plans for it. I just knew I wanted to write and I wanted to form a community. I come from a gaming background where text based forums were the lifeblood of communication. I’ve run forums in the past, mIRC channels when they were still popular, and I became good at making connections felt where the only connection we had was the keyboard at our fingertips.

They said you couldn’t make a popular blog without a theme, selling something, or teaching a skill everyone wanted. I found that to be a lie. You see people are drawn to the brightest lights and if you can create a bonfire people will come in droves to see what everyone is drinking and doing.

I spent twelve hours a day connecting with new bloggers, reading random posts about their lives, and commenting where I saw fit. I shared posts, created a forum for collaboration, and used every trick I knew to make it known there was someone else out there. Someone struggling, someone grinding, someone sharing, and someone writing. It’s what we do as bloggers.

If you met five hundred bloggers a day and did it for five years how many people could you meet? I was determined to find out and this blog is a product of that effort. At the height of this blogs popularity I was getting over five thousand views a day, more comments than I could answer, and a lot more speculation than I expected. You see humans are a cynical creature and we always think someone has an upper hand or a backdoor that is causing their success. Sometimes blood, sweat, and a lot of doubt is all the driving force you need to really succeed.

I call blogging a grind, but in the end it’s all about your personal goals in life. Me, I eventually made the goal of wanting to hit a million views.

What’s your goal for your blog?

-Opinionated Man


26 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Goals? Laughs. Laughs for me, mostly, but hopefully readers laugh too.

    You may remember me as SkinnyandSingle, I changed the name for 1 billion obvious reasons ❤ miss you!!!

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  2. I’ve always thought it would be cool to do a blog with multiple writers. You know something like a small news rag with each writer covering a variety of topics. It could even work with a group of writers re blogging to a group site. Anybody want to try it?

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  3. A million views is really quite amazing! And although it’s been quite awhile since I have taken the time to work on my blog, I have not forgotten the awesome bloggers I met here and their words left lasting impressions in my memory. My goal for my blog right now is just to keep going – not give it up completely! I would love to accomplish as much success as you have had, but as you said so honestly it’s a labor of love. It’s work and sometimes I have more jobs than hours in a day. Some days I’m just exhausted. I guess you could say my goal as a special needs mom is for my son to not need my help as much and to someday reach a million views even if it takes 20 years! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us. It certainly is a bonfire 🔥 worth checking out! ☮️

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  4. I’ve never had one, really.

    Looking back, I always said that it served as a sort of publicly shared notepad in which I could pour out various ideas from my mind, and sort them all out. While that is still true, I now also view it as a sort of personal record of my journey into the embrace of philosophy. It is a subject matter and a pass time that I had just begun to comprehend as I began this journey. Though I don’t actually comment on philosophy itself, my gradual embrace of it becomes gradually more apparent as the years move forward.

    In the past 2 to 3 years, my output has fallen off a cliff. I credit that as part of this philosophical journey as well. I feel less need to comment on every one of a few million annoyances, which leaves more time to focus on bigger things.
    Longer and more in-depth dives into interesting things. And also a novel I’ve worked on.

    And speaking of those many subjects of interest that I now can explore, I may not have found that new path without the completely personally controlled space that is this blog.
    From my early teen right up until my mid to late ’20s (around 2014 or so), I was openly Atheist. By that, I mean I was deeply involved in the conversation. It was familiar.
    But as these things go, the same old question that shall never be answered eventually got stale. And at the same time, my philosophical “awakening” had me realize that I didn’t know enough to keep calling myself that.

    Initially, this led to me starting to call myself an agnostic. Which, much to my surprise and shock, led to 2 distinct reactions in my Atheist counterparts:

    1.) Continued “education” that such is the wrong way to use the word Agnostic. That was not how Huxley defined it.

    2.) Attempts to “educate” me that my new stance was asinine. You are either theist or atheist. Period.

    Eventually, I got so angry at having to defend my perfectly acceptable change of position regarding a problem FOR WHICH NO ONE HAS AN ANSWER that I formally “exited” the atheist community in a scathing blog post. I couldn’t believe how set in their ideology that a group that called themselves FREETHINKERS could be.

    Which led to a couple of months worth of posts mocking or ripping apart various mainstream atheist tenants or talking points. One of which being their seeming blindness to the fact that they DID SHARE some traits. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t feel so excommunicated.
    As my anger receded, I eventually started trying on other potential labels. Until I decided that the answer “I don’t know” is good enough for me. I don’t need a label.

    At some point, I also ran across the term Apistevist, which basically means “A person without faith”. This ended up leading to its own multi-post exploration into why the concept made no plausible sense.

    Either way, with the fixation on my Atheistic identity out of the way, it made room for everything else I have explored. Something that may well not have happened without the blank canvas that was my blog.

    Though I, too, never had any intentions for my blog, I loosely credit myself for some accomplishments.

    1.) Making it hard for the European Brotherhood clothing line to market their line of apparel to the unsuspecting masses (I’m now in their search results lol).

    I found 3 stickers for said organization in my workplace parking lot, and after delving into it with a post, they are long gone lol.

    Though that post was unseen for around a year, it started hitting the search engines at the time of the European migrant crises and has been on the list since. The comments on it reveal far more than I ever could.

    2.) The Richard Dawkins foundation once had an entry with the definition of the word Apistevist in its site glossary. Sometime after my first and 2ed posts exploring my critique of the word went up, I noticed the reference vanished from the glossary.

    Coincidence? I like to think not lol.

    3.) After spotting an ad selling a beverage purported to reverse the effects of dementia, I did what I have grown fond of doing, and looked into it on a day off. After digging and coming up with nothing satisfactory in the depths, I published it and moved on to the next project.

    Which must have been when the ad went viral and people (bless them) started hunting for answers because the hits coming in from search engines spiked. With them, came the various types of comments.

    In terms of the traditional ways in which bloggers judge success, I’m outside of the envelope. But that has never bothered me.
    I set up a blog without a purpose in mind. And in the process, I may or may not have made a minute difference in the world.

    I can live with that.

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    • I’ve read a lot on both atheism and agnostic and the counter balance between the two is interesting. Well, interesting enough to create a million books. It’s funny how much weight we point behind titles to justify what we believe isn’t it.

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  5. My initial goal was just a place to vent my opinions because of the limits on the sites where I contributed to conversations. I didn’t seek followers at first, and that’s still not my goal. I feel that more followers would require more writing, and I don’t have the time to post every day.

    Then, one of the places where I used to chat changed their format and eventually stopped commenting altogether. My blog then morphed into a place where we could still converse with each other and keep in touch. I appreciate you stopping by my blog years ago because you opened my eyes to the whole WordPress community. I’ve met some awesome people as a result.

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