A new kind of math

Those of us with IBS or Crohn’s know the struggle. And now with limited toilet paper, there are definite decisions to make.

I’ve created a math based on need. If I go all the time I’ll quickly run out of my stores like I did eggs. So the math is simple – I use a BR, which is a bubble rate of my stomach, divided by pressure (obviously pressure in my stomach and butt), and I multiple it by the negative decrease in toilet paper. The rate I’ve come to is two times a day which is a struggle.

Now I know most medical books will say a normal human should go once a day. I’m abnormal I guess. I beat that math by 9 am and I trump the odds by lunch time. So I use this math as a litmus test to amuse myself while I count the squares I also use in the process. I’m sure some scientist is going to tell me my equation is wrong.

Well I failed math in the eighth grade… so that wouldn’t surprise me.


28 thoughts on “A new kind of math

  1. Anyone got some “420” lined TP for Jason’s Bunghole? So may things to say. We’re here in Mexico not leaving as we may not be able to get back. There’s LOTS of TP here in Mexico with no shortage.
    We’re http://www.LiveFree2SailFast.com and we still live on our boat with our kids and Great Dane, watching history unfold as expats. Just lost 30% of our cruising budget on the stock market but hopefully it comes roaring back?
    IF you find some 420 TP, please send to Jason..

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