Scary times

I don’t care to speculate.

It’s scary times.

When you go to the store and all the shelves are almost bare.

When you sit and watch your stocks and 401K plummet.

I know some people have been through this before. It’s scary.

You get to view how immature society can still be. How we can act like animals. But also how we can still act like angels.

Acts of kindness seem to be rarer and rarer. It doesn’t take much to be kind. To do a favor, to help someone in need.

Even stopping your hand for a moment and taking a deep breath and realizing other people are worried sick. It doesn’t help to speculate and it doesn’t take much to be a human.

Let’s be kind.

-Opinionated Man


15 thoughts on “Scary times

  1. People, for the most part, are sheep, stupid and willing to follow anyone whom they judge better than they are, in this case politicians and the media. We panic because they say over 5,000 people have died worldwide. A sad thing, yes, but over 10m have died, worldwide, from this year’s flu, and they can get shots to prevent that.

    My kids are bright enough to know that this will pass, as all things do (SARS, Swine
    flu, avian flu). Rather than panicking they’ve purchased their yearly IRA amount now while prices are low, rather than month-by-month as usual.

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