Toilet paper woes

Well apparently this toilet paper craze is a real thing in the states.

Instead of a beer run I went on a toilet paper run with a co worker to Costco and they were totally out! The Costco employee gave me the look when I asked as if to say “you are about 3 hours late moron.”

Then I find this on Amazon…

This should be illegal like up selling water bottles during a natural disaster. Seriously! That’s twice the amount for the comfort of my butt.

I’m thinking of opening a business selling gently used toilet paper on Amazon. I think I could make good money.

-Opinionated Man

29 thoughts on “Toilet paper woes

  1. I heard about the toilet paper deal while I was shopping yesterday and we were all talking about how nuts it sounded. Other things are being bought up like there was going to be a shortage or something because of the Corona virus. Some people panic over anything… Sensible people go about life the same as before and wash their hands more than usual.

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  2. I went to the store and didn’t even think to look at those shelves. But… I do recall when I lived in Alabama how before a snowstorm or Tornado, the same thing would happen. Bread, milk, water and TP.

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  3. Wow! I went on a regular grocery run this morning and was shocked to see some of the shelves bare…there were no canned beans, TP or paper towels…on other errands, I noticed a real lack of hand sanitizer and wipes. Missing as well is boxes of turmeric/ginger tea…

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  4. went to Wal-Mart the other day (Sunday), totally out…hardly any paper towels or kleenexs either! I had forgotten all about baby wipes! And, as a bonus, they clean up spilled red wine real well!

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  5. Around here, it’s mostly hand sanitizer that is the issue. I’ve been hearing of shortages for a week now.

    I have noticed an interesting pattern in American consumer behaviour, however. I don’t know what the basis is (living in perpetual fear?), but it seems like it takes very little to inspire shelf wiping self-serving behaviour. I’ve seen local cases of this occur (mainly in southern states) inspired by an impending winter storm.
    Then there was the local news story about the run on flu-fighting supplies during a particularly bad season a year ago (not sure where, though it hardly matters). And now this.

    Maybe one has to see the situation from the inside to understand the behaviour. All I is the prospect is rather scary should something real dicy come along.

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  6. Went to pick up bottled water and pop to sell at my church’s fish fry, Costco is limiting sales to 2 cases of water per person per day. People who are causing these shortages by over buying product should be sent to Wohan [sic], where this whole stupid thing began.

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