Ring ring ring…


“Hi Mr. Cushman this is Lawndoctor calling about an annual membership for lawn care. When can we get started?”

“Well I don’t have a lawn anymore…”

“Ok, so we’ll need to adjust your membership?”

“Well I sold my house and don’t have a yard… so yeah, I guess so…”

“Ok we’ll follow up in a couple months then, thanks!”

“But I still won’t have a lawn and there’s hardly any grass in Arizona…”

“Ok… I’ll take you off our call list. CLICK”

In retrospect I should have just led out with the Arizona line. It seemed to work faster.


16 thoughts on “Random

  1. OK, wait? Hold Up!! Are really now living in Arizona and you didn’t tell ***CAT****??? Or were you just waiting for me to FIGURE IT OUT? Or have you been here the WHOLE TIME??? LOL!
    If you are in Arizona?? What area? Cause I live here too and we should meet for some “Spiked JAVA!” LOL… Cat Lyon xoxo

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  2. Hee here. I got a card with a number to liberty mutual insurance from the bank and I still feel knowing rightly it’s just an ad Mr Seyfarth when I feel like on the other hand somehow my ship is this ad is not proof justt coincidentally times arriving my ship is coming in which could be a condition of illness and I just think no my ships coming in but no proof is backing this belief as in I mentioned condition…so Kenny Rodgers… I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in…. How about we stick to coffee? Yeah I’ll spike it

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