Dear WordPress

Your new update for the mobile app sucks.

I know you are trying to make it like publisher or some Microsoft product, but I can’t edit my photos now on it. Multi fields aren’t cool when you just want to write!!!

Fix it.

I know it probably works on the computer, but I haven’t posted from there in two years. Stop making my posts look amateurish because I can’t edit my tag photo or any photo now. They already look bad enough with my crappy writing.

I know your people are probably super busy moderating dumb forums no one cares about and trying to look important. Pay your engineers more and someone fix this bullshit.

How hard is it to code an edit button?

-Opinionated Man

See how dumb this huge tag looks now? I can’t make it smaller anymore!!!

21 thoughts on “Dear WordPress

  1. I’ve spent a few minutes banging my head against the wall over some of these updates. Unfortunately , we’re living in the age of making everything better for machines, and not necessarily better for humans. No worries, though! Eventually we’ll have software to do all the writing (and thinking) for us! We’re gonna make great pets someday.

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  2. A little while ago they created a feature called “Block Editor”, with nothing more to go on than the name (hey, maybe a “click here to learn about it” would have been nice, guys) I thought I’d give it a try. It crashed my site, and I couldn’t undo it. Chatted with one of the HE’s and after ~30 minutes we got the site back. When I asked why they said my theme was old, maybe I should update to a new one. Yeah, like all you have to do is say, “switch to this one” and everything magically transforms and looks just like what you’ve struggled for months to create. Then, of course, one of (at least) two things happens: you picked another one that it doesn’t work with, or the new theme is missing features that the old one has so parts of your site no longer works. In any of these (and other) cases you can’t go back to the old theme because it doesn’t exist anymore.

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  3. Jason…….chill. The tag is fine. the “happiness engineers” are all stoned right now and will eventually pull their heads out and fix stuff. Just not in our lifetimes.

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