Could I shoot my sadness in the eye.

And hear it give one last cry.

It simply takes a bullet given.

To feel the madness suddenly driven.

A whisper of despair.

As the crying disappears.

Would a sliver of a smile begin?

Only to be able to laugh again.




I saw it in the stars.

A mirror of a memory.

A hopeless wonder in disguise.

A shimmer of symmetry.

I could not want it any better.

Reminder of my inner self.

A picture perfect burning letter.

Of past promises and future wealth.



Blog Wars

If there’s one thing I’ve learned blog wars aren’t worth it. In the heat of the moment you’ll go for it, you won’t pull any punches. It’s only in retrospect that you learn the lessons that need to be learned. Fighting other bloggers just leads to more blogs and more legacy of hate. I’ve tried to move past those.