Special box

What’s your special box look like?

The place you put the important things. Doesn’t have to be money, doesn’t have to be valuable, but they are normally full of valuable items to you. A box of memories, treasures greater than gold. One of the first things you’d grab in the event of a fire.




I saw a shining light.

It shined, it shined, it shined so bright.

I could not stand the sight.

Of darkness folding before this light.

A brightness striking deep within.

Dispelling torrents of rage, amen.

A beauty I did not wish to see.

A reflection of something lost in me.



Blogging 101

Owning your online identity.

It’s important for us trying to market ourselves. You’ll notice I use a logo.

It’s professionally done by myself in Microsoft paint and I made it in a whole two minutes 7 years ago. Notice the bomb… cause I’m the bomb. And it’s knocking over the M cause what good is a bomb if it can’t knock shit over? What good is an opinion if it can’t move you?

I own the tags HarsH ReaLiTy and Opinionated Man because I make the effort to. Owning a tag doesn’t require money, at least I don’t think so. You own it with presence and most importantly persistence. And using the damn thing.

When I was a gamer in college I learned the value of owning a screen name. I pretty much carried that same notion to blogging because it was a game to me, a game of numbers. If you want to make a difference in this world unfortunately you undoubtedly have to make yourself known in some way. There will be many opinionated people in this world, but no one will own this tag. If they do… tell me and I’ll shame them.

In memory of Richie who just died and Highlander – there can be only one.



Is it weird to be motivated by your last name?

The Cushman name has a distinguished lineage and we trace our name to Robert Cushman who helped organize the Mayflower. I’m adopted so I only take partial pride, but I am proud of my last name that I was given by my father who is a very distinguished man in and of himself.

Whenever I pass a Cushman and Wakefield sign I feel a hint of pride. It makes me proud to know some Cushmans out there are doing something big and not only making golf carts, although whoever is making those damn carts is probably balling.

I’ll never make the last name Ahn famous and I have no desire to. Fuck that guy, whoever my father was. I don’t need him and that’s how bastards live. Because we are bastards we look for pride where we can find it and any bastard in history will probably share this same mindset with me.

We are who we are.

We are what we make ourselves.

-Opinionated Man

Jason Chandler Cushman

Ahn Soo Jin