Machiavelli taught me that you never worry about the bubble you live in, you work in. If you are only worried about the six inches before your face, you have no concern about your hindsight and you definitely have no foresight for the pitfalls before you. If you’ve ever read The Prince you understand that the politics of the mind are far greater than the politics of the moment. Controlling yourself and your outcome is the only way to truly control your future. That’s the only way to really dispel the fog of war.


21 thoughts on “Machiavelli

  1. I remember my turn at the pages. I was surprised it was so short yet took a good number of naps to get through. It was frightening in that it seemed to paint today hundreds of years ago. I was old enough to catch a joke in an acme acres cartoon about getting a real prince… Poof the artist formerly then known as then poof machievelli….hee hee.

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