I miss you everyday and wonder what you are doing.

I replay the time we spent together and the warm feeling you gave me.

I wonder who you are with now, who might be loving you.

I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever see one another again.

Are you with someone else? Are you cheating on me!!!

Next time I have $100, I’ll spend it on you.

I miss this bottle of scotch so much…


12 thoughts on “Love

  1. It has been almost six years since I’ve had whiskey of any kind, especially $100 bottles. I used to love it – enough to write a poem about it (I did), then I missed it (mourned), now I’m good without it – much happier (freedom).

    It sounds like you are just waiting to save up the $100. If that is the case, I hope you enjoy your scotch when you get it!

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