So this was kind of strange.

I had a small bump underneath the skin near my lower eyelid yesterday. It was pressing against my eye socket bone and was painful to blink. I massaged it and the bump moved away and down my face – which was scary by the way. But at least the sharp pain went away, it then became just sore yesterday.

The soreness wouldn’t go away fully and I talked to my Pop, who is a doctor, but he wasn’t sure what it was and he doesn’t live near me.

This morning my cheek was still sore so I massaged some more, near where the small soft bump should have been and I found it pressed against my cheek bone. It moved again and now it’s disappeared in the soft part of my face and all the soreness is gone. I think it was either a stye or a cyst, but I’m not sure. I also don’t know if I should go see a doctor this week to see if anything further is going on. I don’t like hospitals much, but I’m like any human being… I’m Googling… and that’s not always a good idea.

Makes you more scared.

At least my face feels better. I hope it was a orbital dermoid and harmless.

-Opinionated Man

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