They say bad news sometimes comes on good tides. I sit upon the sand of my mind and hope the waves don’t crash over me. Behind my back is the sound of the happiness I’ve found. I’d like to hear that sound just a bit longer before you take me in, take me back. Something has always told me that life is a fixed deck. From broken hand clasp to cold forgotten streets, somehow I’ve survived this long. If the years I’ve been given were but a memory, I’m happy for that time you gave. I’m not afraid to admit I’m scared. But I’ll spit in the devil’s eye when I see him.



4 thoughts on “44.1

  1. I hear you, kiddo. Turn around and face that happiness. Suck all the marrow from the bones of the moment. If you’re ever left with only the memories, make sure they’re as rich as present appreciation can make them. HUGS


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