Random Facts

I know I’m posting a lot. I used to do that a ton, you’ll get used to it… or you won’t and you’ll leave.

We’ll both live.

I found a new barber in my new town and I’m happy it is so close! I got to hear a conversation near me about politics and it made me laugh inside. You never want to offend someone that is either cutting your hair or working on your teeth. That’s gotta be the dumbest thing possible to do because they have you in your most vulnerable situation. Well, I guess there’s also the time I got my colonoscopy and I warned the young nurses I was a virgin and to be gentle before putting me to sleep. They laughed… but come to think of it their laugh was a bit evil…

I haven’t rented a home in over fifteen years and I’m reminded now how much I hate it. Landlords really have you by the balls don’t they.


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