Writing my dreams

I read an article and it said to write my dreams and nightmares out to resolve them.

Tonight’s dreams.

Harvey from Suits is my father suddenly.

Me and some guys are trying to find someone. One of the guys gives the bad guy some drink which he mixed in some disgusting lard. The bad guy is throwing up and I wake up trying to throw up.

( I fall back asleep)

Back in the dream and I’m trying to escape Harvey’s house now. Then I’m on FaceTime and my daughter is on, but she doesn’t want to talk to me because I’m not there. I’m crying and feel the sadness of not seeing her for a long time.

(I wake up for seconds)

I run out a house in my dream and I’m searching for someone to give me a thousand dollars for some reason. The person doesn’t want to, but then I somehow hear Harvey tell her to just give it to me (like I’m watching a TV show suddenly) and she screams “what, you couldn’t wait for your fucking money? Here! Take it!”

Then the goblins from Lord of the Rings show up and try to eat me over a fire pit.

(I wake up trying to scream)

I don’t know if you’d call that a nightmare or too much TV. I have horrible dreams now and I’m waking up constantly. The worst ones are now when I go back to sleep and fall back into my dream. I may go see a doc soon, but I won’t take sleep pills again due to my past attempts and they lock me in my dreams and I can’t escape.

But I need to find some relief.



18 thoughts on “Writing my dreams

  1. Oh my goodness! Those are scary dreams! I hope you find a cure to ease your mind and allow you to dream happier. Maybe you could quietly read before bed? Something nice and easy? Just an idea, although you’ve probably already tried it. May the new year bring you restful sleep!

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  2. Dreaming is my favourite thing to do and I take my interpretations seriously see


    Try not to be scared but you will need to change your sleep routine perhaps no tv before bed and try to meditate or be grateful about things that day. Maybe it is all brain junk but your junk is unhealthy. Maybe try to lead yourself into a dream? Let your imagination go, take an imaginary trip to the seaside. Hope this helps 🧡

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  3. I’m curious as to whether you had bread or a full on hamburger after six pm last or previous to that night. The why is, bread has b vitamin make you remember your dreams… And or the burger with it’s shit puff bread and the burger heavier and lastingly altering gut flora… They lead interestingly to dreams. Think of it like flu. Think how those flu, whirlies are nothing more than a pool of different gut flora just absorbing and releasing as they do. This now of what are before couples with your general thoughts of the time, and voila here you go Dreamland offended at the winners being thugs, being a good daddy missing a moment spending more family time…your actually nice as folk’s go to even want to balance the job and the home time…. Most give up needing a paycheck maybe next life or next marriage…. Keep trying?. :). And some psychodelic or psychopathic hogshit voila, your dreams revealing what you fear so you may be stronger in daytime. H n y and junk.

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          • Ooo ey! I’m one handed for cookery these days, buddy pal, and thus I’m not likely to rise skillswise too high surprise you suddenly I can cook… I mean if you don’t mind ovened ala cardboard tubed biscuits and somewhere there’s an empty packet o powder my Alfredo oops southern heaven but made in nowhere Kansas ala can opener come on buffet style lies! It’s good. It’s food! Which really ain’t that bad but I’m not in the mood to make a rux. And I have had luck with a tube of Bob Evans country sausage big tube because them big ol fluffy almost oven tubed jobs can come fluffy crusty and almost edible if you ply me with enough coffee to take them at just thirty five seconds past first marked if you and or I and your oven holds temp. Then white packet country gravy also without sausage but cremini mushrooms cooked in butter makes a good turkey day green bean casserole addition. But if you’re game and your around house folk. Even boring breakfast shades of Kansas motel breakfast as I’m sure it’ll be good but rux gravy like Paul proudham it ain’t gonna be unless you ply me with too much coffee and I sucker you into rattling the kitchenry to my directions. Believe me, you can! 😁


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