3:34 am

I tested drinking beer again this weekend and I think it’s still a no go.

It causes bleeding somewhere and my stomach hurts.

I can still drink scotch, but it is becoming clearer that I should not drink beer at all.

I’m gonna really miss Stella and peroni. I won’t miss the pain.

I recently started on a new stomach med that I had to get internationally and it’s been a game changer. I felt like a drug dealer when a package from India appeared with 365 pills in it. I haven’t had a major flare up in awhile.

But when the blood is bright red and it’s a lot… that’s probably not a great sign. My pop is a doctor, I’m obviously not, but I’d be dumb to ignore the signs. I don’t “need” beer, but I do need scotch. I’m glad it doesn’t seem to tear me up like I get after a few beers.

It could have been the guacamole though. It did have tiny pieces of jalapeΓ±os hidden in it, but even that wouldn’t cause the blood. It would just make my stomach hurt and bubble, and me to hate life.

After 38 years and battling any name you can give irritable bowl syndrome and crohns, I know my body. Doesn’t mean I always do the best thing for it though.

I’m sure gonna miss a cold beer.

-Opinionated Man


14 thoughts on “Health

  1. For a while, I had one craft beer a week. Then our writers group moved to another venue where beer was not available, and now I only get a beer once in a while. I love good beer, but I’m surprised to find I can do quite well without it. So I’m wishing you the same happy detachment. At least you can have Scotch, which I wouldn’t have it was the last liquor on Earth. DO take care of yourself. Hugs all around.

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  2. Hey – we have up beer a while ago – it was slowly happening less and less – my hubs now hardly ever drinks just because he feels like shit for two or three days afterwards.
    And same here – it takes a toll and not worth it ((because as awesome as alcohol is – like my choice was (and sometimes is) a good bourbon and whisky – ) but we had age on our side before when we would have hangovers and now it just is not worth it.
    On Christmas we were with friends and I was “no alcohol” and my hubs had one spiked seltzer (which by the way – people with gut issues and IBS can sometimes have these new seltzers that are out ) and he had an Irish coffee
    That was not even a temptation for me and thought it would be because for decades that would be my after dinner drink at restaurants (sometimes before dinner) – an Irish coffee ! Strong and awesome –
    Anyhow – all that to say that best wishes as you find what you need with alcohol – it is such a loaded area that connects to health physically and mentally –


  3. Jason,Happy New year to you and your family! We all toast , considering how all the merrymaking goes as we all sing Auld Lang Syne. Good on you to be extra cautious on what your comfort level is with regards to your drinking. It is not easy of course but we all have to face long-term health goals in some shape or form.

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