There comes a time when you must seek your desert. A place where only the sun exists and you can begin to dry away the tears that sit around you like water in a drip pan. You find yourself face to face with the nightmares, the dreams you used to know… they know you.

With each night you peal back the pain like an onion until you wonder why you don’t cry anymore.

They call it healing.

They say give it time.

I contemplate these things as I drink scotch and wine and try to dine the unhappiness away. It is an unhappiness that sits in the sight of depression and no amount of happiness can dispel it.

It is life.



22 thoughts on “Desert

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  2. Is your saying a pervasive thing like dry again but you remember underwear? Here’s a trick. If its alcohol you need less and vitamin b complex for three days and vitamin B12 for a week will significantly bring sunshine or a defined change. Don’t miss a single dose. If you’ve some emotion demons or a losing army’s worth (compliments everywhere). You may see they don’t matter as much in triumph yet you’ll always have their voice for the past. It’s just the future where you succeeded despite what they said. You could even thank the demons as anything acheived is sweeter canceling their voice proof by proof. That one sadly is likely harder to cure. But you can bet a few more beatings and a failed love affair be careful of those your life partner might get crabby. But if you saw how your inner voice became so toned, you smile. It’s possible such genius pilfering your scotch I’m semi jesting but I’m in town and I really don’t consume much for my own health internally won’t allow me anything but a cheap drunk/date hee hee to porch sit like the lower eschelons of your recent promotions boss I continue to congratulate. And 🙂 you do talk more scotch…just saying. Did you know (Christmas grease) I’m brilliant next to you?

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