21 thoughts on “Personal

  1. I hated the first summer as I did not know what to expect; but after that I am in love with Arizona. The streets are wider, very easy to find your way to anywhere. Stores, movie theaters, restaurants can be found I close proximity, no matter where you live. From the Beach, casinos to the mountains, everything is 6hr away. No major natural disasters hitting us except for a few dust storms. So you have definitely made a wise move!! Enjoy your time here.

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  2. Let’s see…Phoenix heat…I sense a bitch session coming on around June.

    Our first trip to Phoenix it was 115F, we parked our rental at the hotel to drop off our luggage, came back to go out for dinner, couldn’t get the doors on the driver’s side opened, the heat had swollen the door panels to the point they blocked the doors from opening.

    Yeah, you’re gonna love it.

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