Problem solved

I don’t think the E Coli is from the harvested lettuce originally.

I’ve watched at the store as human after human has touched five heads of lettuce before settling on the first one… just like a kid in a toy store.

I’ve also watched as human after human skipped the needless hassle of washing their hands and danced merrily out of the restroom… at a restaurant!!!

These stories correlate.

Humans are spreading these diseases.

I blame people.

-Opinionated Man

35 thoughts on “Problem solved

  1. All the above is true, but… another issue is, migrants will not use the facilities provided while working in the fields, especially when they are located at either end of the rows. Farmers motivate workers by paying them on how much they produce, so squatting where they work seems the most efficient way to maintain productivity. I know this because I worked at a clinic serving migrants. Salary does not guarantee productivity. It has been tested but an hourly wage does not get the same results. And produce spoils if not harvested on time and quickly.


  2. I agree and have witnessed these things too. It’s disgusting that people walk out of the rest rooms without washing their hands and at the grocers handling food, everyone does this. I thoroughly wash my produce.

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  3. I give you anything it hasn’t even occurred to the educated “professionals” in the medical field and in medical science to look in this direction as a possible explanation to the E. Coli dilemmas (and others) of late.

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  4. They’re doing you a favor. By not washing their hands they’re allowing the weak bacteria to survive and mate with the super bacteria, thus creating more weak and fewer super. Ever read the bottle of sanitizer? “Kills 99.9%”, it’s that 0.1% that survive that will wipe out humanity.

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