How my day went

I got up at midnight for a bowl of cereal. Opened the brand new box, whatever worker sealed that bag should get a damn medal – really well done, Supermanned the bag open and poured a bowl of Raisin Bran.

Got some milk on it and opened the lower cabinet. Grabbed the salt and sprinkled some on, then put it away.

Took a giant bite.

Why does this taste really sweet and bitter? Like tears?

Took a second bite.

I put sugar on it right? Wait… the sugar container is huge… I don’t grab it with one hand.

Chewed and thought.

Gross. This is salt.

Spit it out.

And that wasn’t even the bad part of my day.



25 thoughts on “How my day went

  1. One time, my Mom left a Ziploc bag of salt on the sugar container and didn’t label it as “salt”. I went to get some sugar for my freshly brewed tea and opened the Ziploc bag thinking it was sugar. I put two giant teaspoons into my cup of tea and when I took a sip…well, you can imagine how bad my tea tasted. Yuck! 🤮

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