Today I lost my mentor


I’ve encountered, operated under, and observed many different types of leadership in my life. From the restaurant kitchen, to the military, and finally into the world of Fintech IT – I’ve seen what works and doesn’t work.

I’ve admired your form of leadership, the ability to lead from within the pack and not from a point far from the back or even more oddly from far in the front. In the time you’ve been here you’ve created a culture around you and those that directly report to you that I can respect. There will always be negative and positive outliers in that structure, but the underlying attitude that you’ve tried to instill here is a successful model that I admire.

I will carry on your instruction, but more importantly I’ll carry on the advice you’ve continued to share with me since we first met those late evenings in the NOC.

You’ve given me many books over the past years, so I would like to share this book, my favorite book, for you to add to your collection. For anyone that knows Machiavelli, you know the lessons he teaches are many of the same instructions on leadership that current leaders write in relationship to corporations.

It has been an Art of War here on some fronts – thank you for your support as I have learned the value of maneuverers and flanks. Please keep in touch.

Jason Chandler Cushman

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