I’m moving to Arizona soon. Should make for some interesting new dailies!

No more snow! Unless I come back to Colorado and visit, which I will. Since I have a team here and in Arizona, it makes it easy to be in either location.

I’ll miss this neighborhood. It was a nice location, but I’ve been in this state for 12 years. Time to move on to the next adventure!



25 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Florida is hot and humid and there’s mold there… all kinds. I just got back and I had been thinking it might be nice except for that and B U G S! Arizona? What part? Some of it does get snow, just not as much as Colorado and yes, it’s hot, but dry and sometimes dusty. There’s pro’s and con’s to anywhere you go, you know. I like Arizona (thought about Tucson once and co-owned a bar in Sedona once) but still miss Colorado. I’m wishing you the best wherever you go. Oh yeah, Arizona. (big smile) Home is where you make it.

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