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It is obvious to me the ones that didn’t learn to wait their turn as children.

They’re the ones that immediately stand in the aisle when the plane lands…

-Opinionated Man



          1. Of course, you’re middle management. Upper management gives you the crap you have to deliver to your underlings, and your underlings blame you for the crap that you have no control over.

            I remember a company I worked at had to reduce staff. The VP handed the director a list of employees he had to deliver the bad news to, when the VP got back to his desk after lunch there was a pink slip on his desk and the VP took the afternoon off.

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  1. They just are in a hurry to get their carryon and head to their net destination. I am guilty of that too. If not, i will be swallowed up by the other departing passengers inside the plane especially if I sat by the window.

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