Problem solved

I don’t think the E Coli is from the harvested lettuce originally.

I’ve watched at the store as human after human has touched five heads of lettuce before settling on the first one… just like a kid in a toy store.

I’ve also watched as human after human skipped the needless hassle of washing their hands and danced merrily out of the restroom… at a restaurant!!!

These stories correlate.

Humans are spreading these diseases.

I blame people.

-Opinionated Man


I said white powder from the sky!

Not snow…

I can’t wait to move to Arizona!

It’s not pretty. I know someone is thinking “oh how lovely!”


Try shoveling it. It is horrible!

I hate snow. No one likes you. Go away.


How my day went

I got up at midnight for a bowl of cereal. Opened the brand new box, whatever worker sealed that bag should get a damn medal – really well done, Supermanned the bag open and poured a bowl of Raisin Bran.

Got some milk on it and opened the lower cabinet. Grabbed the salt and sprinkled some on, then put it away.

Took a giant bite.

Why does this taste really sweet and bitter? Like tears?

Took a second bite.

I put sugar on it right? Wait… the sugar container is huge… I don’t grab it with one hand.

Chewed and thought.

Gross. This is salt.

Spit it out.

And that wasn’t even the bad part of my day.