Problem solved

I don’t think the E Coli is from the harvested lettuce originally.

I’ve watched at the store as human after human has touched five heads of lettuce before settling on the first one… just like a kid in a toy store.

I’ve also watched as human after human skipped the needless hassle of washing their hands and danced merrily out of the restroom… at a restaurant!!!

These stories correlate.

Humans are spreading these diseases.

I blame people.

-Opinionated Man


I said white powder from the sky!

Not snow…

I can’t wait to move to Arizona!

It’s not pretty. I know someone is thinking “oh how lovely!”


Try shoveling it. It is horrible!

I hate snow. No one likes you. Go away.




I once followed a teardrop till she had run out of sadness.

She turned to me as the end was near and asked where she had given herself.

I pointed back the way we had come. Our path was marked by her.

She began to weep tears of regret at the journey finally met.

But then before her eyes, life began to arise.

All of her given gifts had brought a beginning from her ending.

She smiles knowing of blossoms blooming from the tears she shed.

She smiles knowing life comes even from the dead.

Jason Cushman