The spread of gloom

I’m guilty of it.

The worst thing each morning at work is to come into a meeting and hear how tired everyone is. Especially when your team was the one working this weekend and everyone else looks like they are tired from wrestling fun in the mud all Saturday. God knows what they did Sunday.

And then it starts.

“I’m so tired,” comes the first comment.

“Ugh these projects are so hard and awful!”

Gloom spreads across the land.

It’s kind of like a spreading darkness, Lord of the Ring’s, Sauron sort of thing that occurs.

I fight it, but it’s hard because I’m a grumpy puppy myself. I find it very hard to be a cheerleader each day and try to inspire those that should be inspiring.

It’s like a superhero inspiring other superheroes.

What’s the point?

You are a superhero… go be fucking great…



4 thoughts on “The spread of gloom

  1. bring a baseball bat to work. Set it upon the table. do not mention the bat…ever. if someone asks, refuse to acknowledge the remark. They will all focus upon the bat to the exclusion of how tired they all are. The next day, bring in a box..make sure it is sealed. Place it in a prominent place on the table. do NOT mention the not LOOK at the box. Answer no questions about the box. Change out the object for a week. That is all it takes to completely change the dynamics of the room permanently.

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  2. On a slightly different note, I remember giving my first small party when I was about 23 years old. The stress, worry and work that I put into that one evening was extraordinary. I fretted for days and days that people wouldn’t come, or enjoy themselves. I did everything I could with drinks, food, music etc … the full works. Roll on the night of the party. It was a horror. I remember one large group of friends finally rocking up late into the night all together and all they talked about was how hungover they were from the amazing party they’d been to the night before. I don’t know quite why I’m telling you this, only that I can’t do with people complaining or ‘bringing everyone down’ because of the fun that they had the night before. It not only makes one feel excluded, but makes one’s own efforts to entertain them feel wasted. Ok, rant over! Slightly random! Katie


  3. I remember those days, and hated them. The best bosses I had, and learned from, said that people are less grumpy if they have something to look forward to. The best of them would give everyone two days off after the project had settled down. Half got Thurs/Fri off, the other Mon/Tues. Instead of grumbling people started talking about what they were going to do with the extra time off. It didn’t cost the company anything since they were just trading the two weekend days for two week days, and since the days were split there was still coverage during work days.

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